Learn Tkinter from Scratch to Create Desktop Applications Free Video Course

Learn Tkinter from scratch, SqLite3, Pillow, Tensorflow (deploy DL model) , create an audio book and more.


What you will learn from this Course:

  • Build windows applications
  • Learn how to use GUI with python
  • Learn how to use Tkinter library
  • Transform an idea to an app
  • Using some sqlite
  • Using the pillow library
  • Draw on a Tkinter application (Canvas) using the mouse
  • Import pictures in an application
  • Convert pictures from png to jpg
  • Convert picture from jpg to png
  • Application that convert any pdf book into audiobook
  • Deploy your deel learning model in a Tkinter application

Requirements for this Course:

  • Some python knowledge


Hi everybody,

We realize that Python turned into the most famous programming language and a ton of like to impart his work to companions teachers… In any case, once in a while, it is somewhat monstrous to share content as opposed to sharing something more exact like a GUI that could be utilized by anybody.

So in this course, I will go with you bit by bit to show you how you can make a work area application without any preparation utilizing Python and Tkinter. So for that, we will begin by knowing the rudiments of Tkinter (regardless of whether you have never utilized it) then, at that point, we will begin doing a few undertakings so you can add them to your portfolio.

For that, we will make a work area application that changes over PNG pictures into JPG utilizing just Python works then we will make an application that plays the part of a book recording so you can impart it to your companions lastly I will show you how you can convey your profound learning model in a Tkinter application then you make an executable document for your application so you can share it or put it in your portfolio.

What is more, there are more basic ventures that might give you a thought regarding how to utilize the various instruments accessible in Tkinter.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners with python
  • Beginners with grafic user interface
  • Beginners with tkinter

Course content:

  • Introduction
  • Creation of the widget Or the Window
  • Filling the Application
  • Additional package that make the applcation better
  • create secondary windows
  • Databases to use for your application
  • Create an application that convert pictures from png to jpg
  • Create you own audibook
  • Deploy a deep Learning model on a Trinter application
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