Learn Unity + SQL Databases Player Management leaderboards + More Free Video Course

Allow Players to Sign in, track their scores and build a leaderboard for players around the world with an SQL database!

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What you will learn from this Course:

  • Unity
  • SQL
  • Server Scripting
  • Unity Web Requests
  • Unity Databasing
  • Unity Player Management
  • Unity Leadboards
  • Unity Sign In Users

Requirements for this Course:

  • Basic Unity


Take your games to a higher level with this course!! Interface your Unity project with a backend data set! There is such a lot of that you can do with the data that you will gain from this course. You can follow players’ scores, permit clients to sign in and sign out, form a leaderboard of players and associate them from around the world!

Theme Covered:

  • Solidarity
  • Solidarity Networking/Web requests
  • Solidarity Database
  • Solidarity Player Management
  • SQL Database
  • Solidarity UI Work
  • Solidarity Leaderboards
  • PHP Scripting Basics
  • Light Cloud Server Set-Up
  • Information base Security
  • Secret key Security
  • Working with JSON

Who this course is for:

  • Unity Developers

Course content:

  • Introduction
  • SQL Database Basics
  • PHP Scripting Basics
  • Unity Web Requests / Unity Networking Basics
  • Unity CRUDs/User Management
  • Unity Leaderboard
  • Cloud Deployment
  • Conclusion
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