Learn Use of Social Engineering For Hacking Free Video Course

Hi ! there, Welcome in our course Complete Use of Social Engineering For Hacking Free Tutorials download, also high rated course with detailed tutorials before downloading course read following topics. Complete Use of Social Engineering For Hacking Free Tutorials Download. Complete Use of Social Engineering For Hacking Free Tutorials Download.

Complete Use of Social Engineering For Hacking Free Tutorials

Learn Use of Social Engineering For Hacking Free Video Course

What you will learn in this course:

In this course you will learn following topics which is really important topics for everyone who want to became a ethical hacker & cyber security expert.

  • Learn about ethical hacking.
  • About Social engineering.
  • Social engineering is so dangerous in detailed.
  • The different fields of ethical hacking.
  • Kali Linux Learn a penetration testing OS.
  • Discover websites companies, people, emails.
  • Build attack strategies.
  • Generate undetectable backdoor.
  • Learn Generate Trojans seal passwords, usernames.
  • Generate a remote key loggers.
  • Modify malware to make it bypass antivirus programs detailed.
  • Analyse files & detect undetectable malware.

Requirements for this course:

  • Basic IT Skills.
  • Computer with a minimum of 4 GB RAM
  • Operating System.

Short Overview of the Course:

  • Learn What Is Social Engineering.
  • Hacking an Android Phone & Accessing the Camera.
  • Preparation Creating a Penetration Testing Lab.
  • Installing Kali 2018 as a Virtual Machine Using a Ready Image.
  • Basic Overview of Kali Linux.
  • The Linux Terminal & Basic Linux Commands.
  • Creating & Using Snapshots.

1. Information Gathering:

  • Information Gathering Info about a Company-Website.
  • Malt-ego Overview.

2. Discovering Info-:

  1. Domain Info and Emails of Target.
  2. Info Hosting Company, Support Team Emails & Admin Email.
  3. Files, Links, Websites & Other Companies Related To Target.
  • Using the Gathered Info To Build An Attack Strategy.
  • Information Gathering – Gathering Info about a Person.

3. Discovering Websites, Links/Social Networking Accounts

  1. Twitter Friends & Associated Accounts,
  2. Emails of the Target’s Friends,
  • Analyzing the Gathered Info & Building an Attack Strategy.
  • Windows Evil Files.
  • Generating Undetectable Backdoors.
  • Installing Veil 3.1.
  • Veil Overview & Payloads Basics.
  • Generating an Undetectable Backdoor Using Veil 3.
  • Listening For Incoming Connections.
  • Hacking a Windows 10 Machine Using the Generated Backdoor.

4. Installing the Fat Rat:

  • Generating an Undetectable Backdoor Using the FatRat.
  • Installing Empire.
  • Creating an Empire Listener.
  • Creating a Windows Powers-hell Stager and Hacking Windows 10.
  • Modifying Backdoor Source to Bypass All Anti-virus Programs.
  • Windows Evil Files – Spying.

4.1 . What Is A Keylogger ?:

  • Creating A Remote Keylogger,
  • Using a Remote Keylogger to Capture Key Strikes Including Passwords,
  • Password Recovery Basics,
  • Recovering Saved Passwords from Local Machine,
  • Recovering Saved Passwords from a Remote Machine,
  • Windows Evil Files Enhancing Evil Files,
  • Bypassing All Antivirus Programs by Modifying Hex Vales,
  • Creating the Perfect Spying Tool,

5. Working with Windows Evil Files:

  • Converting Evil File to a Trojan,
  • Files with Any File Type like An Image or PDF,
  • Download & Execute Payload,
  • Running Evil Files Silently In the Background,
  • Changing Trojan’s Icon,
  • Spoofing File Extension from .exe to anything else (pdf, png),
  • Download & Execute Payload,
  • Embedding Evil Files with Any File Type like An Image or PDF,
  • Embedding backdoor In a Legitimate Microsoft Office Document,
  • Any Evil File in a Legitimate Microsoft Office Document,
  • Hacking Into Linux Like Systems Using One Command,
  • More Advanced Linux Backdoor,
  • Recovering Saved Passwords from a Local Machine,
  • Execute & Report Payload,
  • Back-dooring a Legitimate Android App,
  • Delivery Methods,
  • Mail Deliver – Setting up an SMTP Server,
  • Mail Delivery – Spoofing Emails,
  • Hacking OS X & Linux Using Pure Social Engineering without Sending Any Files,
  • Creating a Replica of Any Website / Login Page,
  • Stealing Login Info Using Fake a Login Page,
  • BeEF Overview & Basic Hook Method,
  • Injecting BeEF Hook In Any Webpage,
  • Stealing Credentials-Passwords Using A Fake Login Prompt,

6. Post Exploitation:

  • Basic Shell Access to A Interpreter,
  • Injecting Backdoor Process in System Processes,
  • Stealing root Password & Escalating Privileges on OS X,
  • Maintaining Access on OS X,
  • Detecting Fake-Spoofed Emails,
  • Detecting Trojans Manually,

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