Learn Website Development Bootcamp Free Video Course Download

Learn Website Development Bootcamp Free Video Course Download

Learn website development bootcamp free video course, tutorials download, Become a full-stack web developer with just one course. HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, NodeJs, React, MongoDB & more.

What you will learn in the course:

  • Able to build any website you want.
  • Craft a portfolio of websites to apply for junior developer jobs.
  • Build fully-fledged websites and web apps for your startup or business.
  • Work as a freelance web developer.
  • Master backend development with Node.
  • Master frontend development with React.
  • Learn the latest frameworks and technologies, including JavaScript ES6, Bootstrap 4, MongoDB.
  • Become a professional developer best practices.

Complete Website Development Bootcamp Tutorials For Free:

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1. Course Content of Learn website development bootcamp free:

Front-End Web Development

  • How Websites Actually Work?
  • Setup Your Local Web Development Environment

2. Learn Basic to Advance HTML

  • HTML list, tag, elements, tables, forms etc
  • Forms in Practice – Create a Contact Me Form
  • Build Own Webiste with HTML

3. Learn Basic to Advance CSS

  • How to Debug CSS Code
  • The Anatomy of CSS Syntax
  • CSS Selectors, Classes vs. Ids
  • Stylised Personal Site
  • The Box Model of Website Styling
  • CSS Display Property
  • CSS Static and Relative Positioning
  • The Dark Art of Centering Elements with CSS
  • Learn More About Typography
  • [Optional] Get More Practice HTML and CSS

4. Learn Complete Bootstrap 4

  • What is Bootstrap?
  • Installing Bootstrap
  • Web Design 101 – Wireframing
  • The Bootstrap Navigation Bar
  • What We will Make: Website Using Bootstrap 4
  • Setting Up Our New Project
  • Bootstrap Grid Layout System
  • Getting Montserrat Black and other Font Weights
  • Adding Grid Layouts to Our Website
  • A Note About CSS Link Order
  • Bootstrap Containers
  • Bootstrap Buttons & Font Awesome
  • Styling Our Website Challenges and Solutions
  • The Bootstrap Carousel
  • Bootstrap Cards
  • The CSS Z-Index and Stacking Order
  • Media Query Breakpoints
  • How to become a Better Programmer – Code Refactoring
  • Put it into Practice – Refactor our Website
  • Advanced CSS – Combining Selectors
  • Refactoring our Website
  • Advanced CSS – Selector Priority
  • Completing the Website

5. Learn JavaScript ES6 a to z

The Fibonacci Code JavaScript
Introduction to JavaScriptCreating and Calling Functions
JavaScript Alerts – Adding Behavior to WebsitesThe Karel Robot
Data TypesFunctions Parameters and Arguments
JavaScript VariablesLife in Weeks Coding Exercise
JavaScript Variables Exercise StartFunctions Outputs & Return Values
Naming and Naming Conventions for JavaScript VariablesJavaScript Build Create a BMI Calculator
JavaScript Variable Naming QuizRandom Number Generation in Javascript: Building a Love Calculator
String ConcatenationControl Statements: Using If-Else Conditionals & Logic
String Lengths and Retrieving the Number of CharactersCompactors and Equality, Combining Compactors
Slicing and Extracting Parts of a StringBMI Calculator Advanced (IF/ELSE)
Basic Arithmetic and the Modulo Operator in JavaScriptWorking with JavaScript Arrays
Increment and Decrement ExpressionsAdding Elements and Intermediate Array Techniques
JavaScript Numbers QuizControl Statements: While Loops, For Loops

6. The Document Object Model (DOM)

  • Adding Javascript to Websites
  • Introduction to the Document Object Model (DOM)
  • Selecting HTML Elements with Javascript
  • Manipulating and Changing Styles of HTML Elements with Javascript
  • The Separation of Concerns: Structure vs Style vs Behaviour
  • Text Manipulation and the Text Content Property
  • Manipulating HTML Element Attributes
  • The Dicee Game Build Using JavaScript
  • Advanced Javascript and DOM Manipulation

7. Learn Website Development Bootcamp jQuery Free Videos

  • What is jQuery?
  • How to Incorporate jQuery into Websites
  • How Minification Works to Reduce File Size
  • Selecting Elements with jQuery
  • Manipulating Styles with jQuery
  • Text with jQuery Manipulating
  • Manipulating Attributes with jQuery
  • Adding Event Listeners with jQuery
  • Adding and Removing Elements with jQuery
  • Website Animations with jQuery

Build The Simon Game Using JavaScript

8. The Unix Command Line

  • Installing the Hyper Terminal
  • Command Line Hyper Setup
  • Understanding the Command Line. Long Live the Command Line!
  • Command Line Techniques and Directory Navigation
  • Creating, Opening, and Removing Files through the Command Line

Back-end Web Development |Learn Free Website Development Bootcamp

9. Node.js Complete Free Video Tutorials

  • What is Node.js?
  • Install Node.js on Mac
  • Install Node.js on Windows
  • The Power of the Command Line and How to Use Node
  • The Node REPL (Read Evaluation Print Loops)
  • How to Use the Native Node Modules
  • The NPM Package Manager and Installing External Node Modules

10. Express.js with Node.js

  • What is Express?
  • Creating Our First Server with Express
  • Handling Requests and Responses: the GET Request
  • Nodemon Installation
  • Understanding and Working with Routes
  • Make A Calculator Using NodeJs
  • Calculator Setup
  • Responding to Requests with HTML Files
  • Processing Post Requests with Body Parser
  • BMI Routing

11. APIs – Application Programming Interfaces

  • Why Do We Need APIs?
  • API Endpoints, Paths and Parameters.
  • API Authentication and Postman
  • What is JSON?
  • Making GET Requests with the Node HTTPS Module
  • How to Parse JSON
  • Using Express to Render a Website with Live API Data
  • Using Body Parser to Parse POST Requests to the Server
  • The Mailchimp API – What You’ll Make
  • Setting Up the Sign Up Page
  • Posting Data to Mailchimp’s Servers via their API
  • Adding Success and Failure Pages
  • Deploying Your Server with Heroku

12. Git, GitHub and Version Control

  • Introduction to Version Control and Git
  • Version Control Using Git and the Command Line
  • GitHub and Remote Repositories
  • GitHub Private Repos are now Free! ?
  • Gitignore
  • Cloning
  • Branching and Merging
  • Forking and Pull Requests

13. EJS

  • What We’ll Make: A ToDoList
  • Linter Errors with EJS
  • Templates? Why Do We Need Templates?
  • Creating Your First EJS Templates
  • Running Code Inside the EJS Template
  • Passing Data from Your Webpage to Your Server
  • The Concept of Scope in the Context of Javascript
  • Adding Pre-Made CSS Stylesheets to Your Website
  • Understanding Templating vs. Layouts
  • Understanding Node Module Exports: How to Pass Functions and Data between Files

14. Databases Website Development Free Tutorials

  • Databases Explained: SQL vs. NOSQL

15. SQL Website Development Free Tutorials

  • SQL Commands: CREATE Table and INSERT Data : READ, SELECT, and WHERE
  • Updating Single Values and Adding Columns in SQL
  • SQL Commands: DELETE
  • Understanding SQL Relationships, Foreign Keys and Inner Joins

16. MongoDB Free Tutorials

  • Installing MongoDB on Mac
  • Installing MongoDB on Windows
  • MongoDB CRUD Operations in the Shell: Create, Reading & Queries, Update, Delete
  • Relationships in MongoDB
  • Working with The Native MongoDB Driver
  • If You Have Forgotten to Quit the Mongod Server

17. Mongoose Free Tutorials

  • Introduction to Mongoose
  • Reading from Your Database with Mongoose
  • Data Validation with Mongoose
  • Updating and Deleting Data Using Mongoose
  • Establishing Relationships and Embedding Documents using Mongoose

18. Build Your Own RESTful API From Scratch

  • What is REST?
  • Creating a Database with Robo 3T
  • Set Up Server Challenge
  • Set Up Server Solution
  • GET All Articles
  • POST a New Article
  • DELTE All Articles
  • Chained Route Handlers Using Express
  • GET a Specific Article
  • PUT a Specific Article
  • PATCH a Specific Article
  • DELETE a Specific Article
  • Download the Completed Project Code

19. Authentication & Security

  • Introduction to Authentication
  • Getting Set Up
  • Register Users with Username and Password
  • How to Review the Source Code
  • Database Encryption
  • Using Environment Variables to Keep Secrets Safe
  • Hashing Passwords
  • Learn about Hacking
  • Salting and Hashing Passwords with bcrypt
  • What are Cookies and Sessions?
  • Using Passport.js to Add Cookies and Sessions
  • Level 6 – OAuth 2.0 & How to Implement Sign In with Google
  • Finishing Up the App – Letting Users Submit Secrets
  • Download the Completed Project Code

20. React.js Free Tutorials

  • What is React?
  • What we will make in this React module
  • Code Sandbox and the Structure of the Module
  • JSX and Babel
  • JavaScript Expressions in JSX & ES6 Template Literals
  • JSX Attributes & Styling React Elements
  • Inline Styling for React Elements
  • React Componentsce
  • JavaScript ES6 – Import, Export and Modules
  • Local Environment Setup for React Development
  • Keeper App Project
  • React Props
  • React DevTools
  • Mapping Data to Components
  • JavaScript ES6 Map/Filter/Reduce
  • JavaScript ES6 Arrow functions
  • Keeper App Project
  • React Conditional Rendering with the Ternary Operator & AND Operator
  • State in React – Declarative vs. Imperative Programming
  • React Hooks – useState
  • JavaScript ES6 Object & Array Destructuring
  • Event Handling in React
  • React Forms
  • Class Components vs. Functional Components
  • JavaScript ES6 Spread Operator
  • Managing a Component Tree
  • Keeper App Project
  • React Dependencies & Styling the Keeper App

Requirements for the course:

  • No programming experience needed.
  • A Mac or PC computer with access to the internet.
  • No paid software required – all websites will be created with Atom.

Requirements for the course:

  • No programming experience needed.
  • A Mac or PC computer with access to the internet.
  • No paid software required – all websites will be created with Atom.

Description of the web development bootcamp course:

At 55+ hours, this Web Development course is without a doubt the most comprehensive web development course available online. Even if you have zero programming experience, this course will take you from beginner to mastery.
By the end of this course, you will be fluently programming and be ready to make any website you can dream of.

Learn Free Website Development Bootcamp Web Developer Free Tutorials

Front-End Web Development

  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • Bootstrap 4
  • JavaScript ES6
  • DOM Manipulation
  • jQuery
  • Bash Command Line
  • Git, GitHub and Version Control

Back-end Web Development

  • Node.js
  • NPM
  • Express.js
  • EJS
  • REST
  • APIs
  • Databases
  • SQL
  • MongoDB
  • Mongoose
  • Authentication
  • Firebase
  • React.js
  • React Hooks
  • Web Design
  • Deployment with GitHub Pages, Heroku and MongoDB Atlas

Who is the audience of the course:

  • Who want to learn to code through building fun and useful projects, then take this course.
  • Want to start your own startup by building your own websites and web apps.
  • If you are a seasoned programmer, then take this course to to get up to speed quickly with the latest frameworks and NodeJS
  • If you want to take ONE COURSE and learn everything you need to know about web development, take this course

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