Learn WordPress Theme Development using Bootstrap

learn wordpress theme development using bootstrap, wordpress with bootstrap download free video course, Learn how to confidently develop custom & profitable Responsive WordPress Themes and Websites with no prior experience.

Learn WordPress Theme Development using Bootstrap

What you will learn in the course:

  • Have the skills to start making money on the side, as a casual freelancer, or full time as a work-from-home freelancer
  • Easily create a beautiful HTML & CSS website with Bootstrap
  • Convert any static HTML & CSS website into a Custom WordPress Theme
  • Have a thorough understanding of utilizing PHP to create WordPress websites & themes
  • Feel comfortable with the process of turning static websites into dynamic WordPress websites
  • Fully understand how to use Custom Post Types and Advanced Custom Fields in WordPress
  • Allow your clients to update their websites by themselves by creating user accounts

Description of the wordpress development course:

Do you want to supercharge your HTML, CSS & PHP knowledge and learn how to turn them into a real business that can make you more money as a freelancer?, Whether you’re a freelance designer, entrepreneur, employee for a company, code hobbyist, or looking for a new career — this course gives you an immensely valuable skill that will enable you to either:

Course content overview:

1. Getting Started With This Course

  • The (Beautiful) Final WordPress Website You Are Going To Build In This Course
  • What is Bootstrap? And Why Mastering It Will Save You Hundreds of Hours
  • Bootstrap Pop Quiz
  • What is WordPress? And Why You Should Care So Much About It

2. Environment Setup: Get Your Project Started

  • Free Download: The Bootstrap Framework
  • Free Download: The Final Course Files + WordPress Theme!
  • Setting Up Your Project Environment

3. Bootstrap Templates: The Home Page

  • Code The Basic Webpage Layout
  • Adding External Scripts to Your HTML Document
  • Install Free Icon Fonts with FontAwesome
  • Install Free Web Fonts with TypeKit & Google Fonts
  • Code the Header and Navigation Sections
  • Code the Hero Section
  • Style the Hero Section with CSS
  • Learn How To Create The Parallax Scrolling Effect in Less Than 5-Minutes
  • Learn to Code a High-Converting “Opt-In” Section
  • How to Create a Modal Popup using Bootstrap
  • The “Boost Your Income” Section Code
  • The “Who Should Take This Course” Section Code
  • Code the “Course Features” Section Using CSS Sprites
  • The “Final Project” Section Code
  • The Featurette Section and Embed a YouTube Video Code
  • Code the Instructor Section (Plus BONUS Elvis Impressions!)
  • Beautiful CSS3 Circles Code
  • The Simple Trick to Vertically Align Your Content Within an Element
  • Code the Testimonials and Learn to Turn Square Images into Circles using CSS3
  • Sign Up Section Code
  • Footer Code
  • Responsive Media Queries & General CSS Cleanup

4. Bootstrap Templates: The Blog Overview

  • Code the Basic Markup Structure
  • Code the Blog Excerpts with HTML
  • Style the Blog Excerpts with CSS
  • Code and Style the Sidebar & Widgets

5. Bootstrap Templates: The Blog Posts

  • Code the Blog Post
  • Code the Comments Section

6. Bootstrap Templates: The Resources Page

  • The Importance of a Resources Page
  • Code the 3-Column Layout Resources Page

7. Bootstrap Templates: The Contact Page

  • Code the Contact Form

8. WordPress Theme: Set Up

  • Download the Latest Version of WordPress
  • Create Your “Underscores” Starter Theme
  • Install WordPress on Your Local Machine in Under 5-Minutes
  • Installing Your Underscores Theme
  • Convert Your Static Header to a Dynamic Header
  • Cover Your Assets (Adding Your Styles, Scripts, Fonts & Images)
  • Clean Up Your Stylesheet & Modify Your CSS for WordPress
  • Convert Your Static Footer to a Dynamic Footer

9. Convert Your Static Templates: Home Page

  • Create a Home Page WordPress Template
  • Code the Hero & Use “Custom Fields” for Extra Info
  • Amazing Plugin: Advanced Custom Fields
  • Boost Your Income Section with Advanced Custom Fields
  • Code the “Who Should Take This Course” Section with Advanced Custom Fields
  • Amazing Plugin: Custom Post Types UI
  • Add “Course Features” Using CPT & Advanced Custom Fields
  • Add the “Project Features” with Custom Post Types UI
  • Code the Instructor Section with Advanced Custom Fields
  • Code the Testimonials with Custom Post Types
  • Clean Your Template Using get_template_part()

10. Convert Your Static Templates: Resources Page

  • Create a Custom Resources Template
  • Add a Feature Image, and a Fallback Image
  • How to Add a Resource and Display It In Your Custom Theme

11. Convert Your Static Templates: The Blog

  • Easily Set Up Your Custom Blog Index Page
  • Code Your Individual Blog Excerpts
  • Code the Full Blog Post
  • Style and Customize the Comments Section
  • Customize the Archive Template
  • Customize the Search Results Template

12. Convert Your Static Templates: Contact Page

  • Create & Customize a Full Width Template
  • Install Contact Form 7 Plugin and Add Your Custom Form

13. Finalize Your WordPress Theme

  • Adding & Customizing Your Sidebar Widgets
  • Register and Organize Your Custom WordPress Menus
  • Create a Useful & Engaging 404 Page

14. Launching Your WordPress Website

  • First, You’re Going To Need a Reliable & Affordable Web Host
  • Install WordPress Like a Pro
  • Install and Configure Your Custom WordPress Theme on a Live Server

15. The Final Details

  • Track Your Visitors With Google Analytics
  • You’ve Created Your Own Custom WordPress Theme! Now What?

15. Bonus Lectures: Tips & Tricks

  • Why You Should NEVER Remove CSS Outlines
  • Important note on the following lectures
  • Two Ways Building Custom WordPress Websites Will Make You More Money
  • My Fear Of Building Custom WordPress Websites Cost Me $24,000
  • Static vs. Dynamic Websites, Which Is Better? (Hint: One Is Way More Valuable)
  • Why You Must Always Start Your Website With a Sketch
  • Recommended Resources for Sketching & Wireframing Your Website

Requirements for the course:

  • Have a basic understanding of HTML, CSS and PHP (all courses I offer)
  • Have access to a code editor, free or otherwise. I suggest Coda 2, as that’s the editor I use exclusively.
  • An Internet connection is required.
  • A fresh copy of Bootstrap and WordPress (we will go over this in the beginning of the course).
  • Download & Install MAMP (or alternatives — we cover this in the course)

Who is the audience for the course:

  • This course is for those who are self-driven and take action! The skills you will learn in this course will allow you to create an income on the side, or build a full-time business creating custom WordPress websites for clients.
  • This course is probably not for you if you don’t like humour, fast-paced hands-on learning, or learning skills that can change your life.
  • Course is for those who want to start a web development business on the side, or full-time as a work-from-home freelancer.
  • If you like the idea of creating an income on the side, learning to code custom WordPress websites with a framework like Bootstrap is a surefire way to get yourself some extra freelance gigs.

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