Learn Practical Malware Development For Beginners Free Video Course

Learn Malware Development &how to create and code your custom computer virus using C# and PHP for penetration testing and ethical hacking.

Malware Development

What you will learn

  • You will learn to create virtual machines.
  • You will learn C#/.NET basics.
  • You will learn to set-up Apache, MySQL services.
  • You will learn PHP, MySQL basics.
  • You will learn how malwares work.
  • You will learn how to create your custom malware from scratch.
  • You will learn how to communicate with your Attacker server.
  • You will learn how to send commands from Attacker to victims.
  • You will learn how to control multiple computers from one control panel.
  • You will learn how to enumerate and exfiltrate information from Windows systems.
  • You will learn how to Download additional files to victims computer.
  • You will learn how to gain persistence on system.
  • You will learn how to execute commands via CMD.
  • You will learn how computer viruses work.

Requirements of Malware Development:

  • Basic TCP/IP knowledge.
  • Basic programming knowledge.
  • Basic GNU/Linux knowledge.
  • Basic object orianted programming language knowledge will be a plus.

Description of Malware Development:

Are you keen on network safety and additionally fostering your hostile instruments in moral hacking purposes ?

Malware Development course, we will jump profound into the malwares and control boards by making a genuine one. You will figure out how to foster your own custom malware without any preparation with bit by bit point by point directions for amateurs. You will likewise figure out how to improve your malware’s abilities by creating extraordinary techniques, for example, gathering host data, acquiring persistance, transferring records to casualty PC and executing orders by means of Command Line. In the wake of fostering your own malware, you will at that point foster a custom assailant worker programming to control numerous casualties simultaneously from a web board like proficient C2 workers utilizing PHP and MySQL.

This course will give you all you require to know as far as malware and order control worker in fledgling. After this course you will feel more positive about your abilities as an entrance analyzer, moral programmer and red teamer. You will likewise have a major comprehension of hostile apparatuses. In the event that you are a blue teamer, danger tracker or episode responder, you can likewise profit by this course by knowing how danger entertainers and APT’s develope their malwares and order control structures.

The entirety of the inscriptions are investigated so go ahead and use it for better learning experience.

Who this course is for:

  • Basic TCP/IP knowledge.
  • Basic programming knowledge.
  • Basic GNU/Linux knowledge.
  • Basic object orianted programming language knowledge will be a plus.

Course content of Malware Development:

Introduction of Malware Development:

Setting Up The Environment:

  • Downloading Files for Virtualization
  • Creating Virtual Machines
  • Installing Guest Additions
  • Creating First Windows Application
  • Installing Apache, PHP, MySQL and ATOM on Ubuntuo

Developing the Windows Malware:

  • Gathering Information About The Victim Computer
  • Gaining Persistence on System
  • Downloading Files in Victim System
  • Directory Operations
  • Creating Necessary Functions for Returning Information
  • Executing Commands via CMD
  • Dealing with Exceptions and Fixing a minor Bug
  • Connecting to the Attacker Server

Developing the Control Panel:

  • Creating a Database For Control Panel
  • Connecting MySQL using PHP
  • Creating Login Page
  • Creating Username and Password for Control Panel
  • Creating a Session Control Mechanism
  • Creating the Main Page of Control Panel
  • Creating the Registration Page for Victims
  • Creating the Command Sender Page
  • Creating the Result Reciever Page
  • Creating the Victim Management Pages
  • Puting All Together:
  • Putting All Together (Last Touches In Client Software)

Malicious Coding Assigments:

  • Enumerate Local Users on Machine

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