Marketing For Local Business With Local SEO Free Video Course Download

Marketing For Local Business With Local SEO Free Video Course Download

Marketing For Local Business With Local SEO And Social Media Free Video Course, Google map search, , website conversion optimization & referrals

Marketing For Local Business

What you will learn:

  • Promote your local business with most effective strategies and get clients
  • Stop wasting time and struggling with incorrectly chosen marketing strategies that aren’t bringing clients
  • Get personal help from the instructor if you have specific questions
  • Local SEO and how to have multiple listings of your business in Google’s top-10 results
  • Leverage YouTube and other large websites to promote yourself locally
  • Use social media to promote your business locally
  • Grow clients, grow revenue, grow your whole business
  • Create a highly converting website that gets lead to call you and become customers

Description of Marketing For Local Business:

Best methodologies to advance a nearby business! Quit burning through your time on techniques that don’t work and start getting customers!

  • Made the course progressively significant
  • Progressively nearby SEO systems with Google My Business
  • Included full segment business card advertising
  • Included full segment flier advertising
  • This course is brimming with methodologies to advance a neighborhood business.


Entrepreneurs as a rule battle with advancing their business. The primary thing individuals as a rule consider for advancement are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, fliers and business cards to advance their organizations. Those are fine, however there are such a large number of other promoting procedures for nearby organizations that are progressively compelling. This course shows you those substantially more successful systems.

Notwithstanding the course addresses, you get my assistance and guidance! Understudies can begin conversations and message me with private inquiries. I answer 99% of inquiries inside 24 hours. I love helping understudies who take my courses and I anticipate helping you.


I have been a business person for 15+ years, have trained 1,000+ business people face to face, showed 100,000+ understudies, affected a large number of business people overall making 6 and 7-figure organizations all the while, and I couldn’t imagine anything better than to support you.

Requirements for this course:

  • Be excited to promote your local business in the most effective ways

Course content For Marketing For Local Business :

1.Local small business marketing course Introduction :

  • Watch this first: Let’s ease into what we are going to do
  • Google local search result template that we will dominate in this course

2. How to set up your local small business website:

  • How to watch the next few videos
  • How to easily find a domain name for your local small business
  • How to set up your website quickly and professionally
  • 15 item checklist for increasing website conversion and visitor engagement
  • Example of a perfect local business website with all high conversion elements

3. First part of SEO: SEO introduction and keyword research:

  • SEO section introduction
  • SEO section overview of what we will cover in this section
  • Local business keyword research example to get many more keywords
  • Short tail keywords vs. long tail keywords
  • How to balance long-tail and short tail on the same pages
  • Voice SEO – latest trend in SEO and how it impacts keyword research
  • Latest SEO research for top ranking factors – links are extremely important

4. Second part of SEO: On-page SEO:

  • On-page SEO introduction
  • WordPress Yoast plugin
  • Setting the title and description meta tags for your on-page SEO
  • Basic on-page elements that are seen
  • Blogging for local businesses – pros and cons, when and how
  • Revive Old Posts plugin for social sharing, scheduling & SEO boost

5. Starting with creating backlinks for SEO (third part of SEO):

  • How to interlink your website’s pages for SEO boost
  • Advanced on-page interlinking strategy to boost your SEO

6. Citations to start the process of ranking your site higher on Google search:

  • Citations and brand mentions
  • Finding industry specific sites to get citations

7. Off page SEO and link-building:

  • How to rank higher with intent matching
  • 10 ways to get backlinks to get your website to rank higher
  • What makes a good backlink for SEO
  • How to rank (almost) any page in Google top 10
  • How social sharing will boost your SEO
  • Link-begging introduction. The brute-force approach that will never stop working
  • How to promote your business on the radio

8. Webmaster tools to check search performance and crawling & indexing status:

  • Setting up your Google Search Console, formerly known as Webmaster Tools
  • Creating your sitemap.xml
  • Troubleshooting crawling errors
  • SEO definitions for beginners
  • Submitting new URLs and checking for page status and indexing
  • Where your pages are ranking and page/query performance
  • Introduction to Google Analytics

9. Google My Business and the local 3-pack Google map rankings:

  • Setting up Google My Business
  • Filling out your Google My Business profile
  • Three pack ranking signals
  • Adding your first post to Google My Business
  • Town name in the listing title
  • How to get reviews for your Google listing
  • Adding photos and videos
  • Adding your services and products
  • Social media and brand activity impacting your ranking
  • Running local 3-pack ads
  • Setting up a local ad from Google My Business dashboard
  • Private address
  • Answering reviews can help rankings and customer engagement
  • Q&A feature in Google My Business
  • Where ads show up and when
  • Analytics and what to do if you are not getting the calls
  • Adding attributes to your Google listing
  • Advanced case study of the map ranking signals

10. Full Yelp setup and the model for working with other local directories:

  • Local directory and Yelp section introduction
  • Registering your business on Yelp for business
  • Creating a great listing
  • Review management on Yelp – the way to rank organically on page 1
  • Finishing up your Yelp listing
  • How to get a lot of free ads
  • Setting up your Yelp ads

Who this course is for:

  • Small business owners
  • People who need to promote locally

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