Learn Microsoft Excel Advanced Formulas & Functions Free Video Course

Master 75+ Microsoft Excel formulas with hands-on demos from a best-selling Microsoft Excel instructor (Excel ’07 – Excel 2019)

 Microsoft Excel

What you will learn:

  • Learn how to THINK like Excel, and write powerful and dynamic Excel formulas from scratch
  • Automate, streamline, and completely revolutionize your workflow with Excel
  • Master unique tips, tools and case studies that you won’t find in ANY other course, guaranteed
  • Explore fun, interactive, and highly effective lessons from a best-selling Excel instructor
  • Get LIFETIME access to project files, quizzes, homework exercises, and 1-on-1 expert support

Requirements of Microsoft Excel:

  • Microsoft Excel 2007 – 2019 or Office 365 (Some features may not be available in earlier versions)
  • Experience with Excel formulas is recommended, but not required (we’ll review some of the fundamentals)

Description of Microsoft Excel:

“Outstanding amongst other Excel courses I’ve ever taken. You can see through his recordings how enthusiastic he is about Excel. Much obliged for this wonderful course, and include me in for the following ones!”

  • Julio Garcia

“This is an outstandingly important course. The data is essential with instances of best practices from a genuine Excel master. Chris Dutton can instruct!”

  • Barbara S.

“Chris Dutton is an EXPERT in Excel. He makes fathomable to the understudy the complex (once in a while super-intricate) nature of the equations he employments. All that is composed at the course depiction, in spite of the fact that it might appear to be unadulterated showcasing and exposure from the start, is surely obvious. In the event that I could rate it higher I authoritatively would. Much obliged Chris!”

  • Bruno Ricardo Silva Pinho


It’s an ideal opportunity to exercise authority over Excel. Regardless of whether you’re beginning from the starting point or seeking to turn into an outright Excel power client, you’ve gone to the opportune spot.

This course will give you a profound comprehension of the high level Excel equations and capacities that change Excel from a fundamental bookkeeping page program into a dynamic and ground-breaking investigation apparatus. While most Excel courses center around essentially what every equation does, I educate through active, logical models intended to exhibit why these recipes are magnificent and how they can be applied in various manners. I won’t prepare you to spew capacities and recipe grammar; I will show you how to THINK like Excel.

Before the finish of the course you will be composing strong, exquisite equations and capacities without any preparation, permitting you to:

  • Effectively fabricate dynamic instruments and Excel dashboards to channel, show and investigate your information
  • Denounce any kind of authority and plan your own equation based Excel designing principles
  • Join datasets from numerous sources with Excel’s LOOKUP, INDEX and MATCH capacities
  • Pull continuous information from APIs straightforwardly into Excel (climate, stock statements, headings, and so forth)
  • Control dates, times, text, and clusters
  • Computerize monotonous and tedious assignments utilizing cell recipes and capacities in Excel (no VBA required!)

We will plunge into a wide scope of Excel recipes and capacities, including:

  • Query/Reference capacities
  • Factual capacities
  • Equation based designing
  • Date and Time capacities
  • Intelligent administrators
  • Cluster recipes
  • Text capacities
  • Circuitous and HYPERLINK
  • Web scratching with WEBSERVICE and FILTERXML

What gives you the option to show this class? Wouldn’t i be able to simply Google this stuff?

I have a veritable energy for Excel that the vast majority save for things like cats, frozen yogurt, and critical others. The solitary thing I love more than learning Excel is showing it, and as the originator of Excel Maven and Maven Analytics I’ve been fortunate enough to instruct Excel to 200,000+ understudies across 180+ nations. My instructing style is conversational, bona fide and forthright, and I will consistently convey complex ideas in a system that is clear and simple to grasp.

As a full-time investigation advisor and Excel teacher, I slice my teeth utilizing Excel to take care of true business issues and create grant winning examination and information perception instruments for Fortune 500 organizations. In the event that you care about creds, I’m a card-conveying MOS Certified Excel Expert and my work has been highlighted by Microsoft and the New York Times. Alright so I don’t really convey the card, yet you get the thought.

In case you’re searching for the ONE course with the entirety of the high level Excel recipes and capacities that you need to know to turn into an outright Excel ninja, you’ve discovered it.

See you in there!

  • Chris (Founder, Maven Analytics)

Searching for the full business insight stack? Quest for “Expert Analytics” to peruse our full course library, including Excel, Power BI, MySQL, and Tableau courses!

*NOTE: Full course incorporates downloadable assets and Excel project records, schoolwork and course tests, lifetime access and a 30-day unconditional promise. Most talks viable with Excel 2007, Excel 2010, Excel 2013, Excel 2016, Excel 2019 or Office 365.

Who this course is for:

  • Excel users who have basic skills but want to get really, REALLY good
  • Anyone hoping to expand their analytics skill set, work more efficiently with data, and take their career to a new level
  • Students looking for an engaging, hands-on, and highly interactive approach to Excel analytics training
  • Excel users looking to build strong analytical thinking and business intelligence skills
  • Anyone looking to pursue a career in data analysis or business intelligence

Course content of Microsoft Excel:

Introduction Of Microsoft Excel:

  • READ ME: Important Notes for New Students
  • DOWNLOAD: Course Resources
  • Setting Expectations

Excel Formulas 101:

  • Introduction: Excel Formulas 101
  • Excel Formula Syntax
  • Writing Efficient Formulas with Fixed & Relative References
  • Common Excel Error Types
  • Formula Auditing: Trace Precedents & Dependents
  • Formula Auditing: Evaluate Formula & Error Checking (PC Only)
  • Navigating Excel Worksheets with Ctrl Shortcuts
  • Saving Time with Function Shortcuts
  • Accessing Tools with Alt Key Tips
  • BONUS: Mac Shortcuts
  • PRO TIP: Creating Drop-Down Menus with Data Validation
  • Congrats, You’re a Developer!
  • Excel Formulas 1016 questions
  • HOMEWORK: Excel Formulas 101

Conditional Statements & Logical Operators:

  • Introduction
  • Anatomy of the IF Statement
  • Nesting Multiple IF Statements
  • Adding Conditional AND/OR Operators
  • Using NOT & “<>” Conditionals
  • Fixing Errors with IFERROR
  • Common IS Statements
  • Excel Logical Operators5 questions
  • HOMEWORK: Excel Logical Operators

Common Excel Statistical Functions:

  • Introduction
  • Basic Excel Statistical Functions
  • Extracting Values with SMALL/LARGE & RANK/PERCENTRANK
  • Randomization with RAND() & RANDBETWEEN
  • Row-Level Calculation with SUMPRODUCT
  • DEMO: Calculating Shipping Costs with SUMPRODUCT
  • Conditional Aggregation with COUNTIFS, SUMIFS & AVERAGEIFS
  • DEMO: Building a Basic Dashboard with COUNTIFS & SUMIFS
  • DEMO: Counting Duplicates with COUNTIF & SUMPRODUCT
  • PRO TIP: Data Profiling with COUNT & SUMPRODUCT
  • Excel Stats Functions5 questions
  • HOMEWORK: Excel Stats Functions

Lookup & Reference Functions:

  • Introduction
  • Working with Named Ranges
  • Counting Rows & Columns with ROW/ROWS & COLUMN/COLUMNS
  • Introduction to VLOOKUP/HLOOKUP
  • Joining Data with VLOOKUP
  • Fixing Errors with IFERROR & VLOOKUP
  • VLOOKUP Reference Array Options
  • Approximate Match Lookups
  • Navigating Cell Ranges with INDEX
  • Matching Text & Values with MATCH
  • Combining INDEX & MATCH to Dynamically Search Ranges
  • Combining MATCH & VLOOKUP for More Flexible Lookups
  • TROUBLESHOOTING: VLOOKUP with Duplicate Keys
  • SNEAK PEEK: XLOOKUP (Office 365 Only)
  • DEMO: Building Dashboards with XLOOKUP (Office 365 Only)
  • Selecting List Items with CHOOSE
  • Defining Ranges with OFFSET
  • Combining OFFSET with COUNTA to Create a Flexible Range
  • PRO TIP: Using OFFSET to Create Interactive Charts
  • Excel Lookup & Reference Functions5 questions
  • HOMEWORK: Excel Lookup & Reference Functions

Text Functions:

  • Introduction
  • Capitalization with UPPER, LOWER, PROPER & TRIM
  • Combining Text with CONCATENATE (&)
  • Extracting Strings with LEFT, MID, RIGHT & LEN
  • Converting Text to Values with TEXT & VALUE
  • Searching Text String with SEARCH & FIND
  • Categorizing Data with IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH))
  • Combining RIGHT, LEN, and SEARCH
  • Replacing Text with SUBSTITUTE
  • Excel Text Functions5 questions
  • HOMEWORK: Excel Text Functions

Date & Time Functions:

  • Introduction
  • Understanding Excel Date Syntax with DATEVALUE
  • Formatting Dates & Filling Date Series
  • Creating Real-Time Functions with TODAY & NOW
  • Extracting Time Periods with YEAR, MONTH, DAY, HOUR, MINUTE & SECOND
  • Calculating the Month Start or End with EOMONTH
  • Calculating % of Year with YEARFRAC
  • Defining Time Periods with WEEKDAY, WORKDAY & NETWORKDAYS
  • Calculating Differences Between Dates with DATEDIF (Legacy Function)
  • DEMO: Building a Simple Budget Pacing Tool
  • Excel Date & Time Functions5 questions
  • HOMEWORK: Excel Date & Time Functions

Array Formulas:

  • Introduction
  • READ ME: Array Formulas are Changing!
  • Rules of Excel Array Functions
  • Pros & Cons of Array Functions
  • Defining Vertical, Horizontal, and 2-Dimensional Arrays
  • Using Array Constants in Formulas
  • Defining & Referencing Named Array Constants
  • Restructuring Data with TRANSPOSE
  • Linking Data Between Sheets (Array vs. Non-Array Comparison)
  • Returning the Largest Values in a Range
  • Counting Characters Across Cells
  • Creating a “MAX IF” Array Formula
  • Creating a “MAX IF” Array Formula with Multiple Criteria
  • Converting Boolean Values Using the Double Unary (“–“)
  • Excel Array Formulas5 questions
  • HOMEWORK: Excel Array Functions

Extra Functions:

  • Introduction
  • Creating Custom References with INDIRECT
  • Linking to Worksheet Locations with HYPERLINK
  • Real-Time Weather Conditions with WEBSERVICE & FILTERXML (Part 1)
  • Real-Time Weather Conditions with WEBSERVICE & FILTERXML (Part 2)

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