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Mobile App Create a great mobile app business! Get 1,000,000+ downloads with app store optimization ASO (SEO) & strong monetization

What you will learn:

  • Get 1,000,000+ downloads for your app
  • Top app monetization strategies
  • Improve user retention, engagement, reviews and minimize uninstalls
  • Personal help from the instructor in office hours and via messages in the course
  • You will learn ASO (app store search optimization) and rank highly in Apple App Store and Google Play
  • Get publicity for your app which will give you wide exposure
  • Learn about mobile app business models
  • You will learn how to grow your business beyond just apps
  • You will be able to more accurately predict which app ideas might be good and which might not be too good

Requirements of Mobile App:

  • Be excited to grow your app business into a big success

Description of Mobile App:

Utilize the best application advancement and adaptation systems to become your application and make it as productive as could be expected under the circumstances.

Most recent COURSE UPDATE FOR 2021:

  • Three incredible dispatch techniques for your application
  • Full understudy contextual investigation of ASO and catchphrase research system
  • The most effective method to vie for serious application store search terms
  • Improved sound/video quality for 90% of the course


I am an autonomous portable application business visionary simply like you, and I made this course to help you:

  • Get 1,000,000+ downloads from portable application store showcasing
  • Set aside cash by doing your own ASO (website streamlining SEO for Android and the Apple App store) better than most specialists you should seriously think about recruiting
  • Make an application advertising system outside the application stores by getting press inclusion and figuring out how to advance an application utilizing online media and social sharing
  • Bring in cash with compelling application store adaptation procedures to assist you with amplifying your application income with memberships, in-application buys, distributing viable promotions, selling subsidiary items and other basic adaptation methodologies utilized by effective versatile application organizations
  • Help you make a fruitful portable application business

Become familiar with the procedures I used to get 1,000,000+ downloads for my applications, bring in cash from them, and make a fruitful portable application business.


The course tells you the best way to make a genuine business out of your application. This is the thing that separates this course from any remaining courses. I understand that you might be amped up for your application thought, and race to have it worked as quickly as time permits. However, as an application business visionary, you need to comprehend the stuff to make your application a genuine business that brings in cash.

This course shows you application plans of action, significant level business procedures and application business arranging. This is the thing that makes this course extraordinary! This course will make you a solid money manager, and a more grounded application business visionary.


My applications have 2,000,000+ combined downloads that I got for nothing in a 99% inactive manner and my pay from applications is 99% detached also. My book on versatile application business has been the #1 book on this subject on Amazon throughout the previous few years, and it is utilized by a couple of colleges and secondary schools the nation over.

My application positioned #1 for the hunt “business” on Android for over a couple of years, and a large number of my applications rule their pursuit rankings in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

In this application advancement course, I show you the bits of knowledge and mysteries I learned while becoming my own portable application business. All that I educate in this course is something I have done and attempted myself.

I’ve been a business visionary for 15+ years, have instructed 1,000+ business visionaries face to face, shown 100,000+ understudies, affected huge number of business visionaries around the world, making 6 and 7-figure organizations all the while, and I couldn’t imagine anything better than to help you.


  • Lots of additional gifts, downloadable worksheets, and activities to make the course more intelligent and important
  • Free 15-minute instructing call (I don’t sell anything and don’t gather your email, simply answer your inquiries)
  • Personal greeting to my Facebook people group when you complete the course
  • My rundown of 50 business-achievement abilities when you complete the course
  • Be entered to get picked for my understudy of the month status and have your business highlighted to my 100k+ understudies


What truly separates this course is the individual time I provide for hold available time with understudies in this course. During the available time you can ask me any business inquiry you need, and I will give a valiant effort to help you. The available time are free, I don’t attempt to sell anything. It is simply something more I do to assist you with accomplishing your objectives.


Notwithstanding the course addresses, you get my assistance and guidance! Understudies can begin conversations and message me with private inquiries. I answer 99% of inquiries inside 24 hours.


After you finish this portable application advertising course, you should be a lot more grounded in versatile application business methodology, versatile application showcasing, and versatile application adaptation.

The course is organized in 3 sections. The initial segment turns out a portion of the basic versatile application essentials. In the event that you are chipping away at your first application, this is an absolute necessity!

The second piece of the course centers around how to adapt your application. Also, the third piece of the course gives you numerous viable systems for application advancement to get countless downloads!

I additionally show you a portion of my #1 instruments and re-appropriating systems that you can use for your own application improvement and development.


You may feel that you will zero in on the showcasing and adaptation systems after your application is fabricated and has dispatched. Yet, that is an exorbitant error made by some first-time business visionaries.

This course will reveal insight into numerous pieces of your business procedure, and permit you to pick an unmistakably more fruitful way for your application from the earliest starting point. That is the reason you should take this course before composing the main line of code for your application.

Fortunately, the course just takes around 4 hours to finish. So you can change yourself and become a lot more grounded application business visionary in under a large portion of a day. Take the course today, and see with your own eyes.


Game applications, puzzle applications, social applications, photograph applications, dating applications, and efficiency applications.


At the point when you complete 100% of the recordings in this course, you will be messaged a declaration of finishing by Udemy so you can show it as confirmation of your skill and that you have finished a specific number of long stretches of guidance in the course theme.

Unconditional promise

The course accompanies an unlimited, Udemy-supported, 30-day unconditional promise. This isn’t only an assurance, it’s my own guarantee to you that I will make a special effort to assist you with succeeding as I’ve accomplished for a large number of my different understudies.

Who this course is for:

  • Mobile app entrepreneurs
  • Mobile app developers

Course content of Mobile App:

Introduction of Mobile App:

  • How to increase your chances of getting featured by app store
  • WORKSHEET: Fill this out with strategies as you go through the course

ASO (App Store Optimization):

  • ASO introduction with keyword basics
  • Practical keyword research example
  • WORKSHEET AND EXAMPLE: Runner game keyword research
  • How to make your app strong and competitive in app store search results
  • WORKSHEET: ASO engagement signal optimization
  • Keywords field for Apple App Store
  • Free keywords that you don’t need to add to Apple App store keyword field
  • How to write the title for your Android or iPhone app
  • How to write the mobile app description
  • ASO for competitive keywords
  • Practice activity: Competitor keyword research and many other keyword topics
  • App localization: Get hundreds of percent more downloads
  • App icon design to boost downloads and ASO ranking
  • App marketing quiz1 question

Student case study of ASO and keyword research in detail:

  • Introducing the LoveUp app full example with keyword research and ASO
  • Applying app-related keyword research tools and other strategies
  • Using the keywords to write Android and Apple store listings
  • My attempt at rewriting their titles for Android and Apple App Store

Sensor Tower keyword research (optional since it is a paid tool):

  • SensorTower’s Keyword Spy tool
  • SensorTower’s Keyword Optimization tool
  • SensorTower’s Keyword Research tool
  • Mobileaction

UPDATE: Something business-altering that happened to my app!:

  • UPDATE: Something business-altering that happened to my app!
  • UPDATE 2: About 45 days after previous video

Google SEO for your app:

  • SEO for your app URL in Google search
  • SEO for your website
  • ASO vs. SEO quizz1 question

Launching your app like a pro:

  • 3 winning ways to launch your app!
  • Release your app on iPhone or Android? Or another way?
  • WORKSHEET: App launch plan

Increasing positive ASO signals to boost your ranking:

  • Many additional tips to keep people from uninstalling
  • How to increase session lengths and influence your ASO ranking
  • REVIEWS: Many ways to increase the number of good reviews and avoid bad reviews
  • How to get people to use the app regularly

How to make money with your app:

  • Common and most popular ways to make money form your app
  • Apple revenue share goes down to 15% instead of 30%
  • Free vs. paid & how much should you charge for your app
  • Rewarded ads monetization strategy
  • The “whale” monitization pattern
  • The strategy to make a lot of money with ads using smart ad mediation software
  • Ideas to monetize your app experience from outside of the app stores
  • Unusual monetization strategy with merchandise

Virality from inside the app:

  • How to build in virality to your mobile app
  • Viral coefficient introduction
  • Viral coefficient calculator

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