Modern JavaScript Complete A to Z Free Course

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Welcome, in this modern JavaScript complete a to z free course download for free, Create awesome JavaScript driven web apps with modern JavaScript from the very beginning right through to ninja-level.

Modern JavaScript Complete A to Z Free Course

What you will learn in the course:

  • How to program with modern JavaScript, from the very beginning to more advanced topics
  • All about OOP (object-oriented programming) with JavaScript, working with prototypes & classes
  • Create real-world front-end applications with JavaScript (quizes, weather apps, chat rooms etc)
  • Make useful JavaScript driven UI components like popups, drop-downs, tabs, tool-tips & more.
  • Use modern, cutting-edge JavaScript features today by using a modern workflow (Babel & Webpack)
  • Real-time databases to store, retrieve and update application data
  • API’s to make the most of third-party data (such as weather information)

Short Course Content Overview:

  • JavaScript Basics
  • Control Flow Basics
  • Functions & Methods
  • Object Literals
  • The Document Object Model
  • Forms & Form Events
  • Project – Interactive Ninja Quiz
  • Array Methods
  • Project – Todo List
  • Dates & Times
  • Async JavaScript
  • Project – Weather App
  • Local Storage
  • Object Oriented JavaScript
  • Databases (Firebase)
  • Project – Real-time Chatroom
  • More ES6 Features
  • Modern Workflow with Babel & Webpack
  • Project – UI Library

Requirements for the course:

  • A basic grasp of HTML & CSS (how to create simple, static web pages)
  • Who is the audience for the course:
  • New or junior developers who want to learn JavaScript from the ground up
  • Front-end developers who want to level-up their JavaScript knowledge using modern, cutting-edge techniques
  • Back-end developers who want to learn the JavaScript language for front-end development

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