Learn Neo4j GraphDB Foundations With Cypher Free Video Course Free Download

Learn Neo4j GraphDB Foundations With Cypher Free Video Course Free Download

Neo4j GraphDB Foundations With Cypher what a graph database is, gain the fundamental skills to use Neo4j on your next project.

 Neo4j GraphDB Foundations With Cypher

What you will learn :

  • Explain graph database concepts
  • Set up Neo4j on a Windows or Mac machine
  • Retrieve real-time insights from application data
  • Create, update, and delete graph data via the Neo4j Browser
  • Join the Neo4j community

Requirements For This Course :

  • Must be proficient at using a computer, installing new applications
  • Have a general understanding of what a database is and how it can be used
  • Ideally have some previous experience using other types of databases

Description Of Neo4j GraphDB Foundations With Cypher:

Figure out how a portion of the universes top tech organizations structure and inquiry their information – utilizing chart databases.

Through a progression of instructional exercises, this course takes you through the essentials of utilizing Neo4j – the world’s driving Graph Database, and its question language Cipher. You will learn chart database ideas, and increase functional aptitudes in utilizing Neo4j.

Before the finish of the course, you will have the option to unquestionably run various questions, and comprehend what a chart database is.

Here’s a diagram of what you will realize in the course:

  • What is a Graph Database
  • Neo4j establishment process
  • Inquiry for Nodes and Relationships
  • Make, Update, Delete information
  • How Null functions in Neo4j
  • The most effective method to work with Paths in Neo4j

Notwithstanding learning the nuts and bolts of Neo4j, you will locate various video practices that assist you with working on all that you learn en route.

In the event that you have at any point thought about What’s the best diagram database? or on the other hand How Graph Databases contrast with SQL databases? at that point you truly can’t turn out badly with Neo4j. Voker Pacher, a senior designer at Ebay has been cited as saying:

“We saw Neo4j as truly a great many occasions quicker than our earlier MySQL arrangement, with inquiries that expect 10 to multiple times less code. Today Neo4j furnishes Ebay with usefulness that was already outlandish”

Neo4j as positioned by site db-motors, is likewise the most famous of all diagram databases available today.

So in case you’re taking a gander at advancing your profession, staying aware of the most recent in database innovation, and increasing another aptitude in a straightforward, straightforward, yet ground-breaking way then you should take this course.

Who this course is for :

  • Software developers that are sick of complex join queries, and are looking to simplify their architecture
  • Innovators that want to create the next social network, real-time recommendation engine, or other product that involves retrieving information from highly connected data points
  • Business analysts / marketers that wish to gain insights from in-house data

Course Content Of Neo4j GraphDB Foundations With Cypher:

1. Introduction of Neo4j GraphDB Foundations With Cypher:

  • Welcome
  • Course Overview
  • What Is a Graph
  • Properties
  • Neo4j Taster
  • Install and run Neo4j on Windows
  • Install and run Neo4j on Mac
  • Neo4j Editions
  • Neo4j Desktop Command Bar
  • Neo4j Bloom
  • Neo4j Browser Overview (part 1)
  • Neo4j Browser Overview (part 2)
  • Neo4j Browser Overview (part 3)
  • Neo4j Browser Overview (part 4)
  • Course data setup
  • MATCH – nodes
  • Exercise #1
  • Exercise #1 Answer
  • Exercise #2
  • Exercise #2 Answer
  • Filter by properties
  • WHERE clause
  • Comparison Operators (<, =, <>, <=, >=)
  • Boolean Operators (AND, OR, IN, NOT)
  • Boolean Operators with paths
  • String matching with regular expressions
  • Transform results (ORDER BY, LIMIT, SKIP, AS)
  • Exercise #1
  • Exercise #1 Answer
  • Exercise #2
  • Exercise #2 Answer
  • Removing Duplicates with DISTINCT
  • Aggregation functions (COUNT, AVG, SUM, MIN, MAX)
  • String functions
  • Math functions
  • Exercise #1
  • Exercise #1 Answer
  • Relationships
  • Adding to existing data
  • Exercise #1
  • Exercise #1 Answer
  • Exercise #2
  • Exercise #2 Answer
  • Deleting nodes, relationships (part 1)
  • Deleting nodes, relationships (part 2)
  • Exercise #1 Answer
  • Exercise #2
  • Exercise #2 Answer
  • SET properties, labels
  • REMOVE properties, labels
  • SET generated value
  • Changing relationship types
  • Exercise #1
  • Exercise #1 Answer
  • Exercise #2
  • Exercise #2 Answer
  • NULL values explained
  • Boolean logic with NULL
  • NULL Gotchas
  • Working with NULL
  • Exercise #1
  • Exercise #1 Answer

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