Learn Node with SocketIO Free Video Course

Node with SocketIO Build A Complete Chat App With Private and Group Chat Functionalities Using NodeJS, SocketIO, MongoDB, Express

Node with SocketIO

What you will learn:

  • Understand RESTful API Design
  • Use Social Authentication in Apps
  • Dependency Injection Module
  • SocketIO Events
  • Store and Retrieve Data with MongoDB and Mongoose
  • AWS S3 Buckets
  • App Deployment to Production
  • Express Servers and APIs
  • Group Chat Functionality
  • Private Chat Functionality

Requirements of Node with SocketIO:

  • A computer on which you can install software
  • A basic understanding of HTML and CSS
  • A basic understanding of AJAX method

Description of Node with SocketIO:

Node with SocketIO Have you attempted to construct your own web application with ongoing functionalities utilizing Node? Perhaps you have found out about the well known attachment IO continuous application structure yet have never utilized it since you don’t have a clue where and how to begin. Maybe, you have attempted to assemble an application with some attachment IO functionalities and you need to accomplish more with it, at that point this course is for you.

This course is made for you

The total attachment IO course will direct you through building your own continuous web visit application from start to finish.The course utilizes apparatuses like Express, Mongodb, Mongoose.

The most ideal approach to learn Node

Finding out about Node isn’t only adequate in adapting yet in addition by building genuine world applications. That is the reason this course is carefully project based beginning to end. Toward the end you will acquire hands on involvement with learning Node and attachment IO.

You will fabricate a talk application utilizing:

  • Hub
  • Attachment IO
  • NPM
  • Express
  • MongoDB
  • Mongoose
  • Amazon Web Service
  • Relaxing API Design
  • Nonconcurrent programming
  • ES6 highlights like classes
  • Form control with Git
  • Github
  • Application arrangement with Heroku

What is an application on the off chance that it isn’t online for individuals to utilize? That is the reason i’ll tell you the best way to send your application to Heroku and furthermore guide your own area toward heroku application url or space.

During the course you will learn:

  • Reliance infusion with modules
  • Clients nearby confirmation with visa
  • Clients social verification with Facebook and Google
  • Amazon Web Service
  • Transferring documents to AWS S3 pails from your Node.js application
  • MongoDB total strategy
  • Attachment IO emanating and tuning in for occasions
  • Gathering talk usefulness
  • Private talk usefulness
  • Usefulness to send and get companion demands
  • Ongoing companion solicitation and message warnings
  • Utilizing outsider API
  • Application arrangement to Heroku (You’ll perceive how to direct your own area toward heroku application)

And the sky is the limit from thereā€¦

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone looking to launch their own chat application for other people to use
  • Anyone with a passionate and enthusiastic mindset to learn
  • Anyone wanting to train in back-end development

Course content of Node with SocketIO:

Introduction of Node with SocketIO:

Setup Express and Dependable Modules:

  • Setup Git Repo04:23
  • NPM Initialization02:54
  • Install Express Framework04:20
  • Dependable Module Description06:12
  • Install Dependency Injection ModulePreview07:46
  • Export Dependency Container FilePreview06:30
  • Setup Express07:28
  • Add Express Promise Router07:11
  • Express Configuration Function03:41
  • Setup Users Get Route12:12
  • Questions3 questions

Users Local Registration:

  • Section Introduction01:22
  • Install Modules For Project Setup08:50
  • Install Passport Module03:56
  • Signup Get Route04:54
  • Add Signup Page and Form07:43
  • User Model and Schema07:52
  • Setup Passport For Local Authentication06:43
  • Passport Local Signup09:26
  • Encrypt Password06:04
  • Signup Post Route05:04
  • Create New User02:35
  • Signup Validation – Part 1Preview08:30
  • Signup Validation – Part 2Preview04:50
  • Add Validation Function to Route03:45
  • Display Signup Errors08:52
  • User Login Form03:59
  • Passport Local Login07:15
  • Display Login Errors07:49
  • Questions2 questions

Update Project and Packages (NEW UPDATE):

  • Before You Start This Section01:55
  • Github Repo00:00
  • Update All Packages07:40
  • Remove MongoClient04:55
  • Update Express Validator – Part 111:21
  • Update Express Validator – Part 208:52
  • Display SignUp Errors07:46
  • Display Login Errors05:07
  • Fix Mongoose Aggregate Errors06:41
  • Mongoose UpdateOne Method07:48
  • Fix Headers Error03:53
  • Remove Invalid Error Message05:01
  • Check That App Still Works03:29

Users Social Authentication:

  • Section Introduction01:36
  • Add Facebook Button03:54
  • Style Facebook Button04:58
  • Passport Facebook Strategy02:54
  • Facebook Developers App03:58
  • App Secret File06:49
  • Facebook Passport Middleware08:55
  • Passport Facebook Route05:51
  • Fix Secret File Error01:04
  • Signup User With Facebook02:12
  • Facebook Login03:32
  • Google Signup Button03:51
  • Passport Google OAuth Strategy02:42
  • Google Developers App04:56
  • Google App Ids01:37
  • Google Passport Middleware08:14
  • Passport Google Route04:09
  • Change Google OAuth Scope03:26
  • Signup user With Google03:46

Amazon Web Service Buckets:

  • Section Introduction01:49
  • Admin Group Form07:05
  • Admin Page Route06:14
  • Clubs Schema and Model05:21
  • Upload File (Client Side) – Part 109:16
  • Upload File (Client Side) – Part 205:11
  • Formidable Module05:09
  • Add File to Local Directory With Formidable10:31
  • Upload File To Local Directory04:24
  • Get Amazon Web Service Keys04:53
  • Create AWS S3 Bucket04:51
  • Install AWS SDK01:53
  • AWS Upload File Functionality – Part 109:55
  • AWS Upload File Functionality – Part 204:34
  • Upload Any Method04:39
  • Save Club Data to Database03:27
  • Upload File to S3 BucketPreview05:16
  • Section Conclusion00:55
  • Questions4 questions

Home Page Section:

  • Section Introduction02:48
  • Home Page Controller04:23
  • Add Home HTML File04:47
  • Navbar Brand CSS04:50
  • Navbar Link CSS04:02
  • Style Filter Button05:40
  • Install Async Module03:55
  • Retrieve Club Data05:41
  • Display Club Data05:28
  • Retrieve Files Form S3 Bucket05:34
  • Array Chunk Size07:13
  • Display Array Chunks05:42
  • MongoDB Aggregate Method Description04:00
  • MongoDB Aggregate Function04:47
  • Display Aggregate Result03:08
  • Country Sort02:42
  • Image Anchor Tag03:49
  • Questions2 questions

Group Chat Section:

  • Section IntroductionPreview02:29
  • Add Group Chat Route05:59
  • Group Chat Page HTML04:43
  • Navbar Partials05:09
  • Socket.io Description06:27
  • Install Socket.io05:06
  • Socket.io Client06:30
  • Listen for First Connection Event06:05
  • Emit Message Event08:38
  • Listen for Message Event06:00
  • Emit Join Event08:11
  • Send Channel Message10:22
  • Add Message Sender07:44
  • Add HTML For Chat Display06:19
  • Render Message With Mustache11:51
  • ES6 Class Method – Part 109:53
  • ES6 Class Method – Part 207:41
  • User Class Add Method06:51
  • Emit Users List06:20
  • Display Users List04:57
  • User Class Remove Method05:23
  • Socket.io Disconnect Event04:27
  • Number of Connected Users04:33
  • Style Modal06:16
  • Friend Request Logic06:51
  • Username Display on Navbar04:37
  • Friend Request Fields05:04
  • Friend Request Files Setup05:07
  • Display Username on Modal09:47
  • Friend Request Join Event06:21
  • Emit Friend Request Event07:01
  • Listen for Friend Request Event08:50
  • Group Chat Post Route03:45
  • Receiver Document Update08:32
  • Sender Document Update09:24
  • Friend Request Dropdown05:09
  • Get User Data09:38
  • Display Request in Dropdown10:01
  • Friend Request Notification09:25
  • Add Sender Name08:02
  • Accept Request Functionality08:11
  • Update Receiver Function – Part 109:51
  • Update Receiver Function – Part 207:39
  • Add Ajax Method to Event05:30
  • Cancel Request Functionality13:09
  • Questions5 questions

Users Global Event:

  • Add Navbar to Home Page08:22
  • Add to Favorite Ajax Method08:41
  • Add to Favorite Post Route10:06
  • Create Global Class11:05
  • Emit Global Room Event09:56
  • Emit Global Users10:41
  • Logged in Users Event13:35
  • Display Logged in Friend Name06:21
  • Style Friend Name10:48
  • Global Room Disconnection09:29
  • Logout Functionality05:27
  • Filter Results Page08:04
  • Filter Results Post Route07:48
  • Search Results05:58
  • Replace URL Space05:45

Private Chat Section:

  • Section IntroductionPreview
  • Private Chat Route
  • Private Chat Template
  • Fix Private Chat URL
  • Deparam Function
  • Swap Function
  • Emit Private Chat Join Event
  • Display Private Chat
  • Display Username
  • Message Dropdown
  • Private Message Schema and Model
  • Private Chat Post Route
  • Save Private Message to Database
  • Message Aggregate Functionality
  • Display Aggregate Results
  • Display Number of Messages
  • Display Messages in Dropdown
  • Message Refresh Event
  • Get User Private Messages
  • Display Private Messages in Database
  • Add Data Value Property
  • Update Private Message Collection
  • Display PM on Home Navbar
  • Display PM on Group Chat Navbar
  • Group Chat Message Schema
  • Save Group Messages to Database
  • Fix Name Field in Database
  • Display Group Messages From Database
  • Function to Swap Two Values

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