Complete PHP & MySQL Course Beginner To Expert

This single course is enough to get all the essential knowledge of Complete PHP & MySQL Course Beginner To Expert Course.

Complete PHP & MySQL Course Beginner To Expert

What you will learn in the course:

  • Create Dynamic Websites and web pages with the variety of PHP Techniques
  • Create Database using phpMyAdmin
  • MYSQLI database queries
  • Interact with the database using PHP
  • Full Coding Exercises
  • Get jobs and earn online as a freelancer with My Success Story
  • Tips and Tricks


There are so many PHP & Mysql Courses available online but most of them are incomplete and offer very little practical skills. But this course is different. It includes detail explanation of each component step by step in very simple way. It will also guide you how to use these skills that you gain from this course to get jobs and earn money online as a freelancer. This course is designed in more logical way from easy to complex modules step by step also for free.

Complete PHP and MySQL Video Course For Free

Echo statement and comments

  • Echo HTML and string concatention
  • Variables
  • Constants
  • Data types
  • Operators

If statements

  • Else and else if statements
  • Switch statements
  • For loops in PHP
  • While loops in PHP
  • Do while loops in PHP

Creating and using functions in PHP

  • Default arguments
  • Variable scope
  • String length (strlen) function and string indexing
  • String position (strpos) function
  • Substring (substr) function
  • substr_replace and str_replace functions
  • strtolower and strtoupper functions


  • Modifying values of elements in an array
  • Looping through arrays
  • Associative arrays in PHP
  • Foreach loops

Array implode and explode functions

  • Array extract function
  • Sorting arrays in PHP
  • Slicing (splitting) and merging arrays in PHP
  • Passing an array into a function
  • PHP include and require functions

Handling form data

  • Data validation
  • More data validation
  • Checking set values (radio buttons)
  • Check boxes in forms
  • Select lists
  • Other form elements (textarea, password)
  • Request method and handling form data in one file
  • Date and time
  • Ignore or strip HTML tags
  • Generating unique IDs and random strings (uniqid and md5 functions)

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who want to learn PHP & MySQL step by step in simple way
  • Anyone who want to create dynamic web pages and websites

Requirements for the couse:

  • A Computer With Fast Internet
  • PHP & MySQL Course

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