Learn Python For App Development Free Video Course Free Download

Learn Python For App Development Free Video Course Free Download

Python For App Development to Create a Powerful Desktop Applications Using Python And Qt Framwork From Scratch To Developing Your Projects

Python For App Development

What you will learn :

  • be abel to Creat a very powerfull desktop Applications
  • Learn How To Use Qt Designer To Design Your Apps In Less Time
  • Learn How To Use PyQt
  • Learn How To Convert Your Python Code To Executable File (exe)
  • Learn How To Distribute Your exe File
  • Learn How To Make Your Own Apps Like Web Browsers , Download Programmes .. And More
  • Learn How To Make Commercial Desktop Apps With Python & Qt

Requirements For This Course :

  • only Python Basics

Description Of Python For App Development :

This Course Cover Qt Framework From Scratch To Advanced Topics , You Will Find Every Thing You Need To Build Your Own Applications .And I Put A Project toward The End Of The Course To Teach Your How To Think And How To Make Any Project You Want And How To Work With Big Projects.After This Course You Will Be Able To Make Very Powerful And Beautiful Applications . You Will Be Able To Build Your Own Desktop Applications Like Web Browsers And Download Programs.. Holding up Your Feedback After Finishing The Course And Wait My New Courses On Udemy For Qt Framwork , Like Developing Android Apps With Python And Qt And Build 20 Project With Python ANd Qt … And that’s only the tip of the iceberg

Who this course is for :

  • Any One Want To Create A Desktop Applications With Python
  • Any One Want To Learn PyQt
  • Any One Who Want To Make His Own Desktop Apps Like Web Browsers And Download Programmes

Course Content Python For App Development :

1. Introduction To Python For App Development:

  • Who Is Me .. ?
  • How To Study The Course
  • Udemy Review
  • Why Python
  • Why PyQT
  • Our Tools Installation Overview
  • How To Install Python On Windows
  • How To Install PyCharm On Windows
  • How To Install PyQt On Windows
  • Install Python IDLE On Linux
  • Install PyCharm On Linux OS
  • How To Install PyQt On Linux
  • Basic Code Structure
  • Change Our Window Title & Icon
  • Change Our Window Position & Size
  • QPushButton
  • QMessageBox
  • QLineEdit
  • QCheckBox
  • QRadioButton
  • QComboBox
  • QLabel
  • QProgressBar
  • QSlider
  • QColor Dialog
  • QFont Dialog
  • QFile Dialog
  • Absolute Positioning In PyQT
  • PyQt BoxLayout
  • PyQt BoxLayout Example
  • PyQT GridLayout
  • PyQt GridLayout Example
  • PyQt Signal & Slot Overview
  • PyQt Signal & Slots Part1
  • PyQt Signal & Slots Part2
  • PyQt MenuBar part1
  • PyQt MenuBar Part2
  • PyQt ToolBar
  • PyQt StatuBar
  • PyQt Tab Widget
  • How To Use Qt Designer

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