Learn React & Django Full Stack: Advanced Free Video Course

React front-end web app and Django back-end API – advance modern concepts

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What you will learn from this Course:

  • React framework
  • Django framework
  • Full stack app

Requirements for this Course:

  • Basic knowledge of Django
  • Basic knowledge of React


Welcome to this Full stack advance course. This course is basically founded on Django and React progressed highlights. We will assemble full applications including backend serene API and front-end web application.

In this instructional exercise, we will construct a genuine application. This course’s a course of building the application. It won’t be one of those ‘lineups for the days or basic ‘full muck’ applications. We will begin constructing that without any preparation and we end up with a completely working full-stack application. The building that application will offer a chance to clarify a huge load of various ideas and methods for back-end Django and front-end React.

We will cover such countless things in this course that it’s difficult to list every one of them. However, let me check it out. we will do:

setting up Django and React, working with DB models and movements, Django administrator, getting information from front-end, showing designed information, styling with material UI library, making formats, CSS factors, theming, respond switch, connections, and route with history, URL params, making custom administrations, working with work in React snares too composing not many of our own, various serializers for one model, settled serializers, working with dates and time.

formating and changing dates over to and from UTC, showing symbols, styling parts, verification token, client profile, login, logout, and register clients, respond setting, neighborhood stockpiling, transferring a photograph from responding to Django, taking care of static and media documents in Django, React Prop types, change a client secret phrase, client notices, consents, balanced, one to numerous and numerous to numerous connections in DB, serializer technique field, join and leave gatherings, the remarks segment in UI, custom API endpoints, UI structures with various components, DB total in Django

…furthermore, numerous some more.

If you have currently essential information on Django and React, this course will give you strong information about them exhaustively. Additionally, it will give you numerous arrangements that you can adjust to your own application.

Who this course is for:

  • People who would like to extend their knowledge about Django and React frameworks

Course content:

  • Introduction
  • Preparing development
  • Layout
  • Group Content
  • Working with User
  • Group Features
  • Event Section
  • Groups
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