Learn REST APIs using Spring Data REST Free Video Course

Build an end to end REST API Project in easy steps

REST APIs using Spring Data REST

What you will learn

  • Master the concepts of Microservices , REST and Spring Data REST
  • Create a simple RESTful API using Spring Data REST
  • Build an end to end RestFul API application from scratch
  • Test your REST APIs using Postman REST Client
  • Implement Paging and Sorting support for your REST API
  • Customize the JSON Responses
  • Implement Custom search APIs using Spring Data
  • Implement business logic into your REST Services using custom controllers
  • Provide different views of the data in your application using projections and excerpts
  • Enable HAL browser support for Application
  • Secure your REST APIS using Authentication as well as authorization

Requirements of REST APIs using Spring Data REST:

  • Knowledge of Spring Framework and Spring Boot
  • Knowledge of Spring Data helps but not required
  • Or Should have completed my Spring Framework in easy steps course

Description of REST APIs using Spring Data REST:

The ONLY course that covers Spring Data REST Comprehensively!

  • Test of the audits:

Phenomenal course! This course covers all you require to know to begin with Spring Data Rest . Utilizing this engineering improves on the production of a REST API – Renato Santos

Magnificent course. Fascinating, pragmatic, involved, significant and locks in. The educator makes Spring-Data-REST simple to learn and utilize – Glyn Davies

I’m completely happy with your lecture.Outstanding.You are basically Awesome – Prasad Palla

  • All source code is accessible for download

Responsive Instructor – All inquiries replied inside 24 hours

Proficient video and sound chronicles (check the free sees)

  • Do you have a ton of information that you’d prefer to uncover through RESTful web administrations? Are you a java spring engineer keen on learning the Springs amazing and simple to utilize REST framework.Are you an accomplished Java web designer who needs to make Microservices RESTful APIs in minutes.Then this course is for you.It is a finished hand’s on course with tests and tasks.

Spring is the most broadly utilized structure in the business today.REST web administrations have become the main methods for application mix on the web.REST is likewise the defacto innovation for Microservices to impart. REST characterizes that a framework comprises of assets that customers collaborate with. These assets are carried out in a hypermedia driven way. Spring MVC permits assembling these sorts of administrations. However, executing even the least complex of REST web administrations for an area model can be very dreary and result in a ton of standard code without fail.

Spring Data REST expands on top of Spring Data stores and naturally trades those as REST assets. It use hypermedia to permit customers to discover usefulness uncovered by the stores and incorporates these assets into related hypermedia based usefulness consequently.

The objective of this course is to help you ace the ideas of miniature administrations, rest and fabricate a start to finish application while investigating the different highlights of spring information rest.By the time you finish this course, you will have acquired the comprehension of Microservices, REST, HATEOAS and Spring Data Rest.We’ll take a gander at how you can utilize Spring Data REST to effectively take your information from your information access layer to consumable JSON by a front-end structure.

What Will I Learn?

  • Expert the ideas of Microservices , REST and Spring Data REST
  • Make a basic RESTful API utilizing Spring Data REST
  • Assemble a start to finish RestFul API application without any preparation
  • Test your REST APIs utilizing Postman REST Client
  • Execute Paging and Sorting support for your REST API
  • Tweak the JSON Responses
  • Execute Custom hunt APIs utilizing Spring Data
  • Execute business rationale into your REST Services utilizing custom regulators
  • Give various perspectives on the information in your application utilizing projections and extracts
  • Empower HAL program support for your Applicatoin
  • Secure your REST API utilizing Authentication just as approval
  • All in straightforward and simple advances

Who this course is for:

  • Students who have taken my Spring Course and who want to understand and create micro services APIs
  • Students who want to master Spring Data REST
  • Students who want to create REST APIs in minutes

Course content of REST APIs using Spring Data REST:

Introduction of REST APIs using Spring Data REST:

  • Course and Instructor Introduction
  • How to make the best of this course

Software Setup:

  • Install Java
  • Install Spring Tool Suite
  • Configure JDK in STS
  • Install MySql and MYSql workbench
  • Using MySQL Workbench
  • Windows Only -Install Mysql
  • Windows Only – Install Mysql Workbench0
  • Install Postman01:27

Troubleshooting and Completed Projects:

  • Download the completed projects
  • Troubleshooting Maven Projects
  • Using Latest Versions

Micro Services & REST Concepts:

  • What are Micro Services?
  • Why Micro Services?
  • SOA and Microservices
  • What is REST?
  • What are HATEOAS and HAL?
  • Why REST for Micro Services
  • What is Spring Data REST?
  • Quiz5 questions

Spring Data REST In Action:

  • Introduction
  • Create the Employee Table
  • Create a Spring Data REST Project
  • Spring Boot 2.x API Changes
  • Create the Employee Entity
  • Auto Generate the ID
  • Create The Employee Repostiory
  • Define the data source
  • Launch the application
  • Create an Employee Resource using POST
  • Update the Employee Resource using PUT
  • Partial update using Patch
  • Delete the Employee
  • Exposing the ID field
  • Configure a custom context path
  • Using Spring Boot 2.X
  • Quiz4 questions
  • Implement a department-api1 question

Create a Micro Service REST API:

  • The Event Management Usecase
  • The ER diagram
  • Create the Database Schema
  • Create the project
  • Download or Create Entities
  • Start creating the Entities
  • Create Venue Organizer and Participant
  • Define the associations
  • Annotate AbstractEntity and Event
  • Annotate the Venue Organizer and Participant
  • Implement the equals and hashCode methods
  • Fix the Entities
  • Create the Repositories
  • Define the Data Source
  • Configure java.time.* Support
  • Launch the application

Test the REST APIS Using Postman:

  • Create the Organizer and Event Resources
  • Customize Spring Data Rest Associations
  • Create a Participant
  • Update Event Details
  • Delete an Event and its associations
  • Expose the ID of the resources

Paging and Sorting:

  • Introduction
  • Enable Paging and Sorting
  • Paging in action
  • Configure default page size
  • Sorting
  • Quiz2 questions
  • Paging and Sorting Assignment1 question

Customizing JSON Serialization:

  • Customizing JSON Output
  • Using JSONIgnore and JSONProperty
  • Quiz3 questions
  • JSON Serialization Assignment1 question

Implementing Custom Finder Methods4 lectures • 16min

  • Introduction
  • Add a findBy Method
  • Add paging support to finders
  • Find By Multiple Parameters
  • Quiz1 question
  • Custom Finder Methods Assignment

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