Reverse Engineering, Debugging and Malware Analysis Course For Free Download

Learn Reverse Engineering, Debugging and Malware Analysis Fundamentals by lots of Practical Examples Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering, Debugging and Malware Analysis Course For Free Download

What you will learn from this Course:

  • Reverse Engineering
  • Malware Analysis
  • Debugging
  • Analysis Types and Reporting
  • Basic Operating System Components
  • Memory Types
  • File System Types
  • R2D2 Malware Analysis
  • Cridex Malware Analysis
  • Volatility
  • Low Level Assembly Debugging
  • Windows Registry
  • Stack Guard Bypass
  • Method Exploitation
  • Low Level View
  • Software Exploitation
  • and other awesome topics —>

Requirements for this Course:

  • Basic Programming Knowledge


An individual would have the option to re-try and duplicate an origami by unfurling it first. Knowing how vehicles work requires seeing each major and minor mechanical part and their motivations. The intricate idea of the human life systems expects individuals to see every single piece of the body. How? By taking apart it. Figuring out is a way for us to see how things were planned, for what reason is it in its state, when it triggers, how it works, and what its motivation is. As a result, the data is utilized to update and improve for better execution and cost. It can even assist with fixing deserts.

Envision if the Trojan Horse was altogether investigated and destroyed before it was permitted to enter the entryways of a city. This would presumably cause a couple of dead troopers outside the entryway battling for the city. Whenever the city is sent another Trojan Horse, toxophilite would realize where to point their bolts. Also, no dead warriors this time. The equivalent is valid for malware investigation—by knowing the practices of a certain malware through figuring out, the expert can suggest different shields for the organization. Consider it the Trojan Horse being the malware, the investigator being the warrior who at first assessed the pony, and the city being the organization of PCs.

Anybody looking to turn into a figure out or an examiner ought to have the quality of being ingenious. Looking through the web is essential for figuring out. An expert would not obviously depend on the apparatuses and data we give in this course. There are occurrences that an investigation would even require figure out to foster their own apparatuses. Programming inspecting may require figuring out. Other than undeniable level code survey measures, some product quality check likewise includes carrying out figuring out.

The point of these test exercises is to guarantee that weaknesses are found and fixed. There are a ton of variables that are not thought about during the plan and improvement of a piece of programming. The vast majority of these are irregular information and outside factors that might cause releases, prompting weaknesses. These weaknesses might be utilized for noxious purposes that disturb the product, however may cause harm and compromise the framework climate it is introduced in.

Framework checking and fluffing instruments are generally utilized when testing programming. The present working frameworks have better shields to shield from smashing. Working frameworks ordinarily report any errors found, for example, memory or document defilement. Extra data, for example, crash dumps, are likewise given in this course. From this data, a figure out would have the option to pinpoint where precisely in the product they need to review.

In the product security industry, one of the center abilities required is figuring out. Each assault, for the most part as malware, is switched and dissected. The principal thing that is generally required is to clean the organization and frameworks from being compromised. An examiner decides how the malware introduced itself and became industrious. Then, at that point, they foster strides for uninstalling the malware. In the counter malware stage, these means are utilized to foster the tidy up everyday practice, when the counter malware item can distinguish that the framework has been compromised.

The examination gives data about how the malware had the option to think twice about framework. With this data, network directors can force strategies to alleviate the assault. In the event that the malware had the option to enter the framework in view of a client opening an email connection that contains JavaScript code, the organization executive would carry out the impeding of messages that contain a JavaScript connection.

Who this course is for:

  • Reverse Engineer
  • Malware Analysis
  • Low-Level Debugging
  • Python Debugging
  • Java Debugging

Course content

  • Reverse Engineering Fundamentals
  • Operating System Components
  • Malware Behavior
  • Malware and Memory Analysis
  • Debugging
  • Software Exploitation
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