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RFIC Design Software Become a hand on Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit Engineer expert by mastering simulation with ADS Keysight / Agilent


What you will learn :

  • After completion the student will have practical hand on knowledge on basics of ADS
  • Will able to perform different matching characterization and optimizations
  • Will be able to do simulation and analyze a design

Requirements of RFIC Design Software:

  • ADS Software from Keysight (instruction for how to get 1 month free trial provided)
  • RAHRF101 or similar to curriculum knowledge
  • RAHRF201 or similar to curriculum knowledge
  • RAHRF200 or similar to curriculum knowledge
  • in this course we will teach you the basics on how to simulate . Fundamental knowledge behind what we are simulating is provided in above three courses

Description of RFIC Design Software:

Kindly ensure you take RAHRF101 and RAHRF201 or go through the educational plan of the courses and ensure you have a total information on the points preceding taking this course.

Become an Advertisements master and start your way on turning into a RFIC master by taking the High level Plan Framework online course. In the Advertisements online course, inside about a month by downloading the free one month promotions programming and utilizing the models and pdks gave in this course you would have the option to rehearse viable RFIC reenactments and expert abilities required for turning out to be and RF Configuration Designer. Utilizing this Promotions instructional exercise you can turn into a specialist and begin investigating plans. In spite of the fact that RAHRF101 is a pre-essential and we suggest understudies taking on RAHRF101 and RAHRF201 preceding taking the RAHRF209-L, if understudies have the earlier information or experience required they would have the option to take on this course.

Course Limitation:

Shockingly because of programming permitting approaches and the agreement with Keysight, for Advertisements explicit courses understudies from explicit nations are not permitted to take this course.

Educational program For This Course:

  • Beginning With Promotions
  • Step by step instructions to begin new workspace in Promotions Climate.
  • Step by step instructions to add course record to your workspace.
  • Interaction configuration Unit (PDK) of CMOS 180nm
  • Reenactments utilizing Promotions : DC Recreations
  • Recreations utilizing Advertisements : Semiconductor DC reproduction
  • Reenactments utilizing ADS:AC Reproduction Of RLC circuit
  • Reenactments utilizing Promotions :AC Recreation of Semiconductor
  • Reenactments utilizing Promotions :Semiconductor fT utilizing AC recreation
  • Reproduction utilizing Promotions :Transient recreation
  • Reenactments utilizing Advertisements :Transient Reproduction for given Semiconductor
  • Simulations utilizing Promotions :S-Boundary Reenactment
  • Simulation utilizing Promotions : S-Boundary Simulation(Matched circuit)
  • Simulation utilizing Promotions : S-Boundary Recreation and acquire Nfmin,Max-Gain and Strength for an enhancer.
  • Recreations utilizing Promotions: Genuine Inductor
  • Simulations utilizing Advertisements :How to make image?
  • Reenactments utilizing Promotions : S-Boundary for Enhancer
  • Recreations utilizing Advertisements : Consonant Equilibrium Reproduction
  • Recreations utilizing Promotions : Consonant Equilibrium Reproduction most extreme force
  • Recreations utilizing Promotions : Consonant Equilibrium Reenactment by presenting Force source
  • Simulations utilizing Advertisements : Symphonious Equilibrium Reproduction by presenting Force with Coordinating with circuit
  • Simulations utilizing Advertisements :LNA reenactment – S-boundary and force
  • Simulations utilizing Advertisements :LNA reenactment and XDB recreation
  • Coordinating with Utilizing ADS2/2
  • Coordinating with utilizing Advertisements: Impedance Coordinating of Wideband
  • Impedance Coordinating with utilizing Promotions :Smith Graph instrument
  • Promotions OPTIMIZER1/1
  • Promotions Optimizer:Simple enhancement for DC reproduction

Who this course is for:

  • RFIC Engineers
  • Students wanting to join RFIC industry
  • People who want to learn tools for IC characterization and optimization
  • RF Design Engineers
  • Graduate Students in the RF field
  • Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit Engineer
  • RF Microwave Design Engineering Student

Course content of RFIC Design Software:

Introduction of RFIC Design Software:

  • Before we start
  • How to start new workspace in ADS Environment.
  • How to add course file to your workspace.
  • Process design Kit (PDK) of CMOS 180nm


  • Simulations using ADS : DC Simulations
  • Simulations using ADS : Transistor DC simulation
  • Simulations using ADS: AC simulation
  • Simulations using ADS:AC Simulation Of RLC circuit
  • Simulations using ADS :AC Simulation of Transistor
  • Simulations using ADS :Transistor fT using AC simulation
  • Simulation using ADS :Transient simulation
  • Simulations using ADS :Transient Simulation for given Transistor
  • Simulations using ADS :S-Parameter Simulation
  • Simulation using ADS : S-Parameter Simulation(Matched circuit)
  • Simulation using ADS : S-Parameter Simulation and obtain Nfmin,Max-Gain
  • Simulations using ADS: Real Inductor
  • Simulations using ADS :How to make symbol?
  • Simulations using ADS : S-Parameter for Amplifier
  • Simulations using ADS : Harmonic Balance Simulation
  • Simulations using ADS : Harmonic Balance Simulation maximum power
  • Simulations using ADS : Harmonic Balance Simulation by introducing Powe
  • Simulations using ADS : Harmonic Balance Simulation by introducing Power
  • Simulations using ADS :LNA simulation -S-parameter and power
  • Simulations using ADS :LNA simulation and XDB simulation
  • Simulations using ADS :LNA Simulation IIP3


  • Impedance matching Single Frequency Simulation in ADS
  • Matching using ADS: Impedance Matching of Wideband
  • Impedance Matching using ADS :Smith Chart tool
  • Impedance Matching : Transmission Line


  • ADS Optimizer:Simple optimization for DC simulation

EM Simulations:

  • EM Simulation for simple inductor
  • Inductor Simulation
  • Making a Spiral Inductor
  • Simulation of Spiral Inductor

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