Complete SEO Training Free Video Course Free Download

Complete SEO Training Free Video Course Free Download

Seo Training,WordPress SEO Training, Keyword research SEO, backlinks SEO, increasing page speed, Local SEO, Image SEO

SEO Training

What you will learn :

  • We inform the most well-known and best methods for ranking the site in a simple and comprehensible language.
  • Get familiar with SEO tools like google analytics and google search console, Yoast SEO for WordPress.
  • Learn the most fundamental and experienced techniques of local SEO.
  • Learn how to find keywords, as well as LSI keywords with less competition and at the same time, find more search engines for your pages.
  • Learn how to get the best and most quality backlinks.
  • You can make your site mobile friendly and improve (UX) or the same user experience in a simple manner.
  • Learn how to write great, optimized content for your site to get both Google and your users to admire it.
  • You will learn tips that can dramatically increase your site’s load speed. This is an arrow with two badges. User satisfaction and therefore Google’s satisfaction with you.
  • Learn how to use videos and images to improve your site’s ranking.

Requirements For This Course :

  • You should have a site that can be ranked among the top results of Google search engine.
  • You should have enough motivation to rank your site

Description Of SEO Training:

Website design enhancement or Search Engine Optimization should extend the number and nature of webpage traffic through web search tool results. As it were, the point at which your webpage configuration is done and the website is put on the web, it has no position in the web indexes. In addition, nobody in the serious condition of your business sees the site that you have structured, and there ought to be strategies and methods to rank the site and drive it to the first page just as the cutting edge in Google results and rank. These standards are called SEO.

The course “Web optimization 2019: From 0-100 Ranked, first in Google + SEO WordPress + nearby SEO *”, which incorporates more than 100 articles, proposes the entirety of the SEO factors. These variables remember for page SEO and off-page SEO subjects.

You won’t require any SEO information to start this course. From the earliest starting point of the course, you will be shown all the terms in website streamlining in a straightforward and conceivable language. Subsequently, you just need an essential information on the Internet and the capacity to work with your webpage’s administrator board.

We attempted to rehearse all the themes from 0 to 100 first, just as the most recent Google refreshes. We are guaranteed that this course, which is more than 10 hours in length, has all the reasonable items and focuses, and not so much as a moment of pointless or even useless conversation. We portioned all the points and prepared them in consecutive request to make it simpler for you to become familiar with all the subjects.

In this course, you will figure out how to regard your webpage as an expert website admin. We show you the most central and best methods for positioning your site is basic and fathomable language. For example, we will show you how to improve your site load fundamentally. This is a bolt with two identifications. Client fulfillment and thusly Google’s fulfillment with you. You will be comfortable with the strategies for building a guide site. You get acquainted with portable benevolent systems and UX improves a similar client experience. You can gain proficiency with the instruments and apparatuses for SEO, for example, google examination and google search reassure and decide how to fabricate a record in them just as how to function with them. We show you the most compelling and well known WordPress module, Yoast SEO, and show you how to utilize it to expand your site’s positioning.

Find out about nearby SEO and figure out how to acquaint your site with neighborhood searchers and clients. Thus, your deals and clients will increment drastically. For instance, if your eatery site holds fast to Local SEO tips and strategies, after the client scans for “café” and is in your general vicinity and city, Google will have at least one cafés here and there one Box with the telephone number, area map, audit gives the client, this is the thing that we call the Local SEO (Local SEO).

We show you how to rapidly present your site and substance to Google and Bing and list them in these web indexes. We disclose how to get the best and most applicable backlinks in straightforward language. We present significant meta-labels and figure out how to treat them expertly to positively affect your site’s SEO. You’ll discover how to discover less serious watchwords and simultaneously more list items for your pages. You are additionally getting acquainted with another sort of LSI Keywords and will utilize them to advance your site’s SEO. This course shows you how to make incredible substance for your site. At the point when you take a gander at this course you will figure out how to utilize recordings to improve site rankings and increment guests just as increment their D-Well time. Transfer your site. Or maybe, to improve your SEO, you have to treat those pictures expertly and pay attention to them.

The course was a basic, close and simple condition and will be helpful and effective for anybody from novice to proficient in a basic and reasonable language.

In the event that you can discover this course through and through with enough inspiration and all the tips, you can be certain that your site will before long be very much positioned on the first page of Google.

Getting a decent situation on Google’s landing page implies getting your site and a brand name is known, selling more items, driving traffic and more visits to your site. Presently the site contains content that you need to peruse by clients or the site contains items available to be purchased that you need to purchase from clients. Normally, you will likely transform clients into clients. (Change rate increment), and this is actually what we have been doing in this course. So it is ideal, not to sit around and begin with this preparation as quickly as time permits.

Who this course is for :

  • Webmasters or web owners – bloggers or blog owners
  • WordPress site owners
  • A-Z webmasters in search engine optimization
  • Business Owners and Businesses
  • Even if your business doesn’t have a site so far, it’s time to start a site for your business and fit in with the internet and cyberspace of your competitors. Stay tuned and get your customers’ share among internet users.
  • Those who want to upgrade their site easily and at the lowest cost
  • If you have content, handwriting, or information that you want your audience to read. You may also own a lot of pictures that are intended for users to visit.
  • Those who want to grow their business and grow their customers.

Course Content Of SEO Training :

1. Introduction of SEO Training :

  • Introduction Of SEO

2. Keyword Search

  • What is LSI Keywords – How to find the right LSI keywords using Google search
  • 6 benefits of using LSI keywords
  • What are the good and proper keywords?
  • Introducing 8 very powerful tools
  • How to create an account in google keyword planner and set it up
  • How to find the best keywords using google keyword planner tool?
  • 6 convenient locations where we can use keywords
  • Introducing keyword stuffing and keyword density
  • Create a post in WordPress

3. Sitemap

  • Introducing a Site Map Method Using the WordPress Site Plugin
  • What to do about the site map on Google Search Console
  • What to do about the map site in Bing Webmasters Tools
  • Learn other way to create a site map easily- Simply Create a Site map

4. UX

  • What is UX? -Understand ux-seo- How does our site have a good user experience?
  • What is google rank brain?

5. Robots.txt Fie

  • What is a robots.txt file and how does it affect SEO?
  • Learn how to build a robots.txt file and upload it to the site
  • Linking google search console with robots.txt file
  • Testing and submitting the robots.txt file
  • Important points in a Robots.txt file to Improve Site Ranking

6. MetaTags

  • Intersecting Metatags with Site SEO
  • What is Metatag Title? – How to optimize this tag
  • What is meta tag Heading? –How to optimize this tag
  • What is metatag description? How to optimize this tag
  • What is a canonical meta tag? – What to do to optimize this tag
  • What is a meta tag for robots? – What to do to optimize this tag
  • What is an open graph metatag? – What to do to optimize this tag
  • Types of open graph metatags

7. Yoast SEO

  • Introducing the best and most popular WordPress plugin
  • Complete Tutorial with this plugin – Introducing different parts of this plugin
  • Introducing different parts of this plugin
  • Completing the tutorial with various plugin menus
  • Create a new post on WordPress site and using yoast plugin

8. Images SEO

  • What is Image Seo?
  • Introducing a great and comprehensive WordPress plugin for SEO site images
  • What is an alt tag and a title tag?
  • Important points to consider when choosing an image name
  • How to choose the best and most optimized format
  • Excellent tricks that tell us how to reduce the size of our images
  • How to create a site map for our images?
  • Is it better to create watermarks for our images or not?

9. Page Speed

  • Site Speed and Its Impact on SEO – Site Speedometers and Their Differences
  • Website Speed Optimization Tutorial with GTmetrix Tool
  • 18 Techniques to Increase Site Speed

10. Internal Linking

  • What is Internal Linking?
  • Types of internal links
  • In what ways can internal link content be created?
  • Important advantages of optimizing internal linking
  • 9 Principles That Must Be Observed When use Internal Link
  • An excellent plugin that helps webmasters do a lot of internal linking

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