SQL For Beginners Free Video Course Free Download

SQL For Beginners Free Video Course Free Download

SQL For Beginners Understand SQL using the MySQL database. Learn Database Design and Data Analysis with Normalization and Relationships

SQL For Beginners

What you will learn

  • Have a detailed knowledge and understanding of using MySQL, one of the most widely used databases in the world.
  • Obtained a knowledge of SQL, and MySQL, allows students to apply for jobs in the IT sector.
  • In-depth knowledge of database design will give students an edge over other applicants.

Requirements of SQL For Beginners:

  • A PC (Windows or Linux) or Mac is required
  • No prior knowledge of Databases, SQL or MySQL is needed.

Description of SQL For Beginners:

Have you heard that information base abilities are fundamental for engineers to be gifted in and get it?

Is it true that you are needing to comprehend SQL and information bases by and large, however don’t have the foggiest idea where to begin?

Perhaps you have a squeezing need to find out about Database Design as well as Data Analysis yet have not discovered a decent spot to learn.

Or then again maybe you are a designer who needs to improve your vocation alternatives by having aptitudes in SQL and MySQL, one of the universes most mainstream information bases.

Whatever the explanation you have shown up here, SQL For Beginners course will…

Assist you with comprehension and apply SQL with MySQL, including Database Design and Data Analysis.

Having information base abilities is totally imperative for designers to abstain from getting given up and to boost work and counseling openings.

  • Key ideas you will learn and work with in this course.
  • SQL (Structured Query Language – especially a popular innovation).
  • MySQL (one of the universes generally well known and broadly utilized information bases).
  • Information base Design
  • Information Analysis

The information base plan area (standardization and connections) isn’t canvassed in most of SQL seminars on Udemy. You will battle to discover another MySQL course that has a segment on this. This segment alone, will give you a gigantic edge over different candidates for occupations.

Through the course you will experience making a model information base for a film internet booking framework utilizing ideas educated in the data set plan area.

Making, Modifying and Deleting Tables in a Database (DDL)

  • Embeddings, Updating and Deleting Data from Tables (DML)
  • Select Queries
  • Joins
  • Total Functions
  • Subqueries
  • Information base Design
  • Making Databases.

Likewise there are establishment recordings covering MySQL on Windows, Mac or Linux.

Not exclusively does the course show you SQL, however there are various activities for you to attempt with video answers for additional assist you with understanding the material.

Additionally note that while MySQL is the information base of decision in this course, the SQL abilities you gain will work generally with any data set.

Why taking a crack at this course is the best choice you can make.

Become gifted as an information base designer by and large necessities you to learn SQL, a data set, and afterward data set plan. Frequently this will require different courses. Anyway you get familiar with each one of those points, and information investigation in this one course.

Jon Avis, the teacher, has 4 years experience filling in as an IT Systems Engineer, and works with SQL and Databases regular. Part of his function as a Systems Engineer is to show perplexing, specialized subjects to partners which makes him the ideal teacher for this course.

Basically, you are gaining from somebody who has all the expert preparing, abilities, and experience expected to show you how to get capable with SQL, MySQL and Database plan as fast as could be expected under the circumstances.

On the off chance that you are prepared to get that initially paid programming position, or to climb to a more senior programming position, at that point this course is for you!

Subsequent to finishing this course, you will have the fundamental aptitudes to have the option to utilize SQL unquestionably, have a strong comprehension of MySQL and be gifted in information base plan.

The sooner you pursue this course, the sooner you will have the right stuff and information you have to build your work or counseling openings.

SQL and MySQL aptitudes are popular, as is Database Design, and you will comprehend and have the option to utilize both subsequent to experiencing this course.

Your new position or counseling opportunity is standing by!

Why not begin today?

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Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to use SQL and MySQL.

Course content of SQL For Beginners:

Introduction of SQL For Beginners:

Installation and Setup:

  • Section Introduction
  • Databases, SQL and MySQL
  • Relational Database Management System
  • MySQL Installation for Windows
  • MySQL Installation for Mac
  • MySQL Installation for Linux
  • MySQL Workbench Overview
  • Create Database

Data Definition Language:

  • Section Introduction
  • Data TypesPreview
  • Primary and Foreign Keys
  • Creating the Coffee Store Database
  • Modifying Tables: Adding and Removing Columns
  • Deleting Tables
  • Truncating Tables

More On Alter Table:

  • Section Introduction
  • Creating Our Test Database
  • Add and Remove Primary Key
  • Add and Remove Foreign Key
  • Add Unique Constraint
  • Change Column Name
  • Change Column Data Type
  • Exercise 1
  • Solution 1

Data Manipulation Language:

  • Section Introduction
  • Inserting Data Into Tables
  • Updating Data in Tables
  • Deleting Data from Tables
  • Completing the Coffee Store Database

Selecting from a Table:

  • Section Introduction
  • Select Statement
  • Where Clause
  • Using Inequality Symbols
  • Null Values
  • Exercise 1
  • Solution 1
  • In, Not In
  • Between
  • Like
  • Order By
  • Exercise 2
  • Solution 2
  • Distinct
  • Limit
  • Column Name Alias
  • Exercise 3
  • Solution 3

Selecting From Multiple Tables:

  • Section Introduction
  • What Are Joins?
  • Inner Join
  • Left Join
  • Right Join
  • Joining more than Two Tables
  • Exercise 1
  • Solution 1

Database Design:

  • Section Introduction
  • Normalization – What is it?
  • 1st Normal Form (1NF)
  • 2nd Normal Form (2NF)
  • 3rd Normal Form (3NF)
  • Relationships
  • Relationships – One to One
  • Relationships – One to Many
  • Relationships – Many to Many
  • Constraints

Creating a Cinema Booking System Database:

  • Section Introduction
  • Database Schema Overview
  • Create Films Table
  • Create Customers Table
  • Create Rooms Table
  • Create Screenings Table
  • Create Seats Table
  • Create Bookings Table
  • Create Reserved_Seat Table
  • Insert the Data

Aggregate Functions:

  • Section Introduction
  • What are Aggregate Functions
  • Count
  • Sum
  • Min and Max
  • Average
  • Exercise 1
  • Solution 1
  • Grouping Data
  • Having Clause
  • Exercise 2
  • Solution 2

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