The Complete Node.js Developer Course 2nd Edition Free Download

The Complete Node.js Developer Course 2nd Edition Free Download

Welcome ! in this course you’re going to Learn Free Node.js by building real world applications with Node.js, Express, MongoDB, Mocha, and more.. The Complete Node.js Developer Course 2nd Edition Free Download, this is the high rated course, if you want to become a pro level node.js developer so! you’re in right place, must be watch all tutorials clearly. The Complete Node.js Developer Course 2nd Edition Free Download

The Complete Node.js Developer Course 2nd Edition Free Download

What you will learn in whole course?

  1. Build test and launch Node apps,
  2. Create Express web servers and APIs,
  3. Store data with Mongoose and MongoDB,
  4. Use cutting edge ES6-ES7 JavaScript,
  5. Build your Node apps to production,
  6. Create real time web apps with Socket io, 

About js node:

  • Welcome tutorials
  • Getting Setup
  • Section Intro
  • Installing Node
  • What Is Node ?
  • Why Should I Use Node?
  • Installing Atom
  • Hello World

Fundamentals of node js :

  • Node .js Fundamentals
  • Section Intro
  • Using Require
  • Requiring Your Own Files
  • Using 3rd Party Modules
  • Restarting App with Node(MON)
  • Getting Input from User
  • Simplified Input with (YARGS)
  • Working with JSON
  • Adding and Saving Notes
  • Refactoring For Re-usability
  • Removing a Note
  • Reading Notes and Re-usability
  • Debugging Node. js Applications(chrome Dev Tools)
  • Listing Notes
  • Requiring Arguments
  • Learn Arrow Functions

Create weather app tutorials :

  • Synchronous Node.js -Weather App-
  • A sync Basics
  • Call Stack & Event Loop and Callback Functions & APIs
  • Pretty Printing Objects
  • What’s Makes up an HTTP Request ?
  • Encoding User Input
  • Callback Errors tutorials
  • Abstracting Callbacks
  • Wiring Up Weather Search
  • Chaining Callbacks Together
  • Intro to ES6 Promises
  • Advanced Promises
  • Weather App With Promises
  • Extra Features
  • Web Servers and Application Deployment:
  • Section Intro
  • Learn Hello Express
  • Creating a Web Server
  • Rendering Templates with Data
  • Advanced Tem plating
  • Express Middle ware
  • Adding Version Control (Git)
  • Setting Up GitHub & SSH Keys
  • Deploying Your Apps
  • Adding a New Feature and Deploying

Mocha node :

  • Your Applications testing
  • Mocha and Basic Testing
  • Watch and Auto Restart Testing
  • Using an Assertion Library
  • Testing Asynchronous Code and Testing Express Applications
  • Organizing Test With describe
  • Spies test

MongoDB reset (AIPs) :

  • Learn About MongoDB, Mongoose, and REST APIs (To do APIs):
  • Installing MongoDB (Mac, Linux) (Windows)
  • Building a No SQL Vocabulary
  • Connecting to MONGO and Writing Data
  • The Object Id
  • Fetching Data
  • Setting Up The (Repo)
  • Deleting Documents
  • Lean About Updating Data
  • The Mongoose (ORM)
  • Setting Up Mongoose
  • Validators and Types
  • Installing Postman
  • Resource Creation Endpoint – POST to dos
  • Testing POST to dos
  • List Resources  GET to dos
  • GET to dos testing
  • Mongoose Queries and ID Validation
  • Deploy API to Heroku
  • Postman Environments
  • Delete a Resource
  • DELETE  to dos : id testing
  • Updating a Resource and Testing PATCH to dos :id
  • Creating a Test Database

Security and Authentication of js node :

  • Learn About Security and Authentication:
  • Setting Up the User Model
  •  Hashing (J W Ts)
  • Generating (AUTH) Tokens and Setting Headers
  • Private Routes and Auth Middle-ware
  • Hashing Passwords
  • Seeding Test Database with Users
  • Testing POST users and GET users me
  • Logging In -POST users login
  • Testing POST users login
  • Logging Out  DELETE users me token(Testing)
  • Making To do Routes Private
  • Improving App Configuration
  • Deploying To Heroku

Build real word web app  :

  • Build Real-Time Web Apps with Socket IO
  • Creating a New Project
  • Adding Socket IO to an App
  • Emitting and Listening to Events
  • Broadcasting Events
  • Message Generator & Tests
  • Event Acknowledgements
  • Message Form & j Query
  • Geo location
  • Timestamps and Formatting with Moment
  • Printing Message Timestamps
  • Auto scrolling
  • Adding a Join Page
  • Passing Room Data
  • Socket IO Rooms
  • Storing Users with ES6 Classes
  • Wiring up User List
  • Sending Messages to Room Only
  • New Feature Ideas
  • Await Project Setup
  • Learn Handling Errors
  • Using Await in the To do API

You will build four projects with full video tutorials:

  1. Note taking app,
  2. Weather application that interacts with Google Maps and Dark Sky API,
  3. To-do REST API complete with user accounts and authentication,
  4. Real-time chat app (client side companion)

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