Learn The Most Comprehensive Guide To Unity Game Development Vol 2 Free Video Course

From Complete Beginner To Professional Game Developer. Learn To Code In C# And Create Stunning Games With Unity

The Most Comprehensive Guide To Unity Game Development Vol 2

What you will learn in this Course:

  • Learn how to write advanced C# code
  • Learn good coding principles and design practices
  • Develop strong and transferable problem solving skills
  • Understand the whole process of creating a game
  • Learn how to save and load game data
  • Use simple logic to solve complex problems in game development
  • Learn how to debug and fix bugs in your projects

Requirements in this Course:

  • Mac or PC capable of running Unity game engine
  • Other requirements are listed in the course description PLEASE READ THEM


This is Volume 2 in my Most Comprehensive Guide To Unity Game Development series. Assuming you are intrigued to upgrade your Unity abilities, read further.

As in the entirety of my courses, this course is likewise project based. Basically, the most ideal approach to learn is to really make a game that is playable on any gadget, and this is the thing that I lecture in the entirety of my courses.

Since this is a middle of the road course we won’t cover the essentials of programming with C# and how to utilize Unity, all things being equal, we will jump further into C# coding rehearses and figure out how to take care of complex issues with straightforward rationale.

As we go through the activities I will tell you numerous ways the best way to tackle the current issue and I will look at changed ways and talk about the advantages and disadvantages of each and why and when should you utilize one way over the other.

The fundamental focal point of this course is to help you have a similar outlook as a developer and gain solid critical thinking abilities. Since in close to 100% of the occasions in any task you will take care of issues by utilizing straightforward rationale rather than complex calculations, and this is what’s going on with this course.

Furthermore, that, yet I will disclose to you how to improve your games from the very beginning so you keep away from the most widely recognized streamlining substantial mix-ups that not just fledglings make when they make their games.

Each segment in this course will step by step increment in size and profundity so you generally learn new things and face new difficulties.

During the talks, I will give you tasks to challenge your insight and to provoke your capacity to take on a similar mindset as a software engineer. Since in game turn of events, the most ideal approach to learn is by doing. Obviously, I will give an answer for each task that I give you, yet I will expect that you attempt to complete it all alone in light of the fact that it will give you experience, and the vibe of how to take care of programming issues all alone and it will help you execute and hold all that I am showing you in the course.

You will likewise profit with my very quick reaction in the event that you have any issue that you are left with, and gracious and every one of the understudies taking the course will likewise be there to help you!

A portion of the things that you will learn in this course:

  • Middle of the road, And Advanced C# Programming
  • Fundamental AI(Artificial Intelligence)
  • Progressed AI(Artificial Intelligence)
  • Fundamental And Advanced Character Animations
  • Sound FX And Music
  • Figure out How To Use Unity’s UI System
  • Make And Animate Menus
  • Saving And Loading Game Data
  • Fundamental And Advanced Animations
  • Making Reusable Code
  • Composing Optimized Code
  • Produce Procedural Levels
  • Make Object Poole rs For Enemies, Obstacles And Levels

That And Much More Is Awaiting You In This Course

Assuming You at any point had a thought for a wonderful game, take a crack at this course and become familiar with the apparatuses that you need to foster Your next hit game!!!

What Is Your Risk By Taking This Course?

Nothing!! In case you are not happy with the course, I guarantee I will give you a full discount of your cash NO inquiries posed!!

You need to know or possibly see how every one of the ideas recorded here work and capacity before you can take on this course:

  • Understand what are factors, classes, capacities, articles and skill to utilize them
  • Understand what information epitome is and what does private and public mean
  • Understand what clusters and records are and how to utilize them
  • Understand what circles and various sorts of circles are and how to utilize them
  • Know your direction around solidarity’s interface
  • Understand how solidarity’s material science framework functions and how to utilize the inflexible body
  • Have a fundamental comprehension of what are ray casts and how to utilize them
  • Know how to deal with solidarity’s sprite render er segment and its arranging layers
  • Understand what is the change segment and how it functions, additionally how to control it with Vectors and Quaternions
  • Understand how to vitalize and utilize activity advances and how to utilize solidarity’s mechanism framework
  • Understand how to utilize solidarity’s UI framework, what is a material and how to control material scale alternatives
  • Understand how to utilize Player Preferences to save and load game information
  • Understand what is pooling or if nothing else know the rudiments of pooling
  • Understand what singletons are and how to utilize them
  • Understand what designation is and how to utilize it

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is already comfortable with writing C# code and knows his way around unity
  • Anyone who has created a few games in unity game engine
  • Anyone who wants to expand his knowledge about creating games in unity

Course content:

  • Introduction
  • Slash Hero
  • Mad Doctor
  • Poco The Adventurer
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