Using Electron Build Desktop Apps with HTML, CSS and JavaScript Free Video Course Download

Using Electron Build Desktop Apps with HTML, CSS and JavaScript Free Video Course Download

Using Electron Build Desktop Apps with HTML, CSS and JavaScript Free Video Course, The Complete Electron course for learning to build Cross Platform Desktop Apps using HTML, JavaScript & CSS

What you will learn:

  • Build native desktop applications using existing knowledge of HTML, CSS & JavaScript
  • Create applications for both Mac, Windows & Linux
  • Understand the near-entire Electron API in detail.
  • Package Electron applications for distribution.
  • Expand your existing skills beyond the browser & add an invaluable new skill to your resume.
  • Verifiable certificate of completion.

Using Electron Build Desktop Apps Course content:

Using Electron Build Desktop Apps with HTML CSS and JavaScript Free Video Course

1. Overview

  • Introduction
  • Lesson Structure

2. Developing with Electron

  • Install & Run
  • App Structure
  • Using Native Node Modules
  • Debugging
  • Resetting the Project Code

3. Main Process API

  • App
  • BrowserWindow: Getting Started
  • BrowserWindow: Parent & Child Windows
  • BrowserWindow: Frameless Window
  • BrowserWindow: Properties, Methods & Events
  • BrowserWindow: Window State
  • BrowserWindow: webContents
  • Session: Getting Started
  • Session: Cookies
  • Session: DownloadItem
  • Dialog
  • Accelerator & globalShortcut
  • Menu & MenuItem
  • Menu: Context Menu
  • Tray
  • PowerMonitor

4. Renderer Process API

  • Remote
  • BrowserWindowProxy
  • WebFrame
  • DesktopCapturer

5. IPC Communication

  • ipcMain & ipcRenderer

6. Shared API Using Electron Build Desktop Apps

  • Process
  • Screen
  • Shell
  • NativeImage
  • Clipboard

7. Features & Technique

  • Offscreen Rendering
  • Network Detection
  • Notifications
  • Preload Scripts
  • Progress Bar

8. Using Electron Build Desktop Apps Project

  • Overview & Setup
  • Submitting New Items
  • Retrieving Item Details
  • Showing & Persisting Items
  • Selecting Items for Opening
  • Opening Items in Reader
  • Deleting Items
  • Application Menu

9. Application Distribution

  • Distribution Overview
  • Electron-Builder
  • Code Signing
  • Publishing Releases
  • AutoUpdater Module
  • App Update
  • Release & Update

10. MacOS Touch Bar

  • Touch Bar Basics
  • Advanced Touch Bar Layouts
  • Touch Bar Integration

Requirements for this course:

  • A good understanding of JavaScript. Basic understanding of ES6 would be beneficial.
  • Working knowledge of HTML & CSS.
  • Be comfortable with very basic usage of the command line (CLI)
  • Understand JavaScript in the Browser. e.g. Knowing what the global ‘window’ variable is etc.
  • Basic understanding of Node.js
  • Basic knowledge of Git (Recommended, but not required)
  • Laptop and Desktop

Learn Master Electron Description:

  • This course is reasonable for BOTH complete Electron novices and existing Electron engineers hoping to progress to the following level.
  • Figure out how to create with Electron utilizing the best devices
  • Comprehend the various pieces of Electron and how they cooperate
  • Spread the close whole Electron API, learning each module in turn
  • Learn Electron highlights and procedures for utilizing API modules together
  • Put your new information to handy use by building a point by point 8-advance Electron venture without any preparation.

Who is the audience for this course:

  • This course is designed for developers with a good understanding of web technologies such as HTML, CSS & JS, looking to start building native Desktop applications using their existing knowledge.
  • The course covers almost every aspect of Electron and is very comprehensive.
  • No prior experience with Electron is required.

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