Web Application Development in ASP.NET Hands-On Free Video Course Free Download

Web Application Development in ASP.NET Hands-On Free Video Course Free Download

Web Application Development Build a modern REST/restful WCF Service for web applications with ASP.NET & j Query – First success within 10 minutes!

Web Application Development

What you will learn in the course:

  • Build a restful WCF service from the ground up
  • Understand the configurations file for the service
  • Use and implement HTTP Request Methods or verbs for a restful communication like GET, POST, PUT & DELETE
  • Use the Google Chrome developer tools and read the network communications
  • Implement all CRUD operations (Create, Read, Update, Delete)
  • Implement custom requests like searching or sorting and use the RequestURI to your advantage, e.g. by passing arguments in the URL or in the body of your request
  • Debug your C# and also JavaScript code in Visual Studio
  • Send status codes (like 404 Not Found) back to the client and react to them properly

Course Content For Web Application Development :

1The WCF Service:

  • Introduction
  • Jump Start
  • Web.config & Attributes
  • Preparations

2. CRUD Implementations:

  • Introduction & What’s CRUD?
  • HTTP Request Methods Explained
  • Read / HTTP GET: Get all super heroes
  • Read / HTTP GET: Client Part
  • The Developer Tools
  • Read / HTTP GET: Get single super heroes
  • Create / HTTP POST: Add a new super hero
  • Create / HTTP POST: Client Part
  • Update / HTTP PUT: Update a super hero
  • Update / HTTP PUT: Client Part
  • Delete / HTTP DELETE: Remove a super hero
  • Delete / HTTP DELETE: Client Part
  • Summary

3. More than CRUD:

  • Introduction
  • Search a Hero
  • Get a sorted list
  • Fight!
  • Debugging
  • What about sending StatusCodes (e.g. 404 Not Found)?
  • Summary

Description of Web Application Development :

Google Go Programming for Beginners (Golang)

There are an unending number of programming dialects out there, and new ones are included a practically consistent schedule. To keep on head of the game and expand your range of abilities, getting a couple of these new dialects never stings. Google Go (golang) is the programming language made by one of the biggest innovation names on the planet – Google – so having Go in your armory is a surefire approach to add to your coding qualifications. This course will instruct you all that you have to think about Go.

Hands on Programming Training

  • Learn Go basics and apply them in true situations
  • Get the opportunity to grasp with cutting edge highlights like Go Language and Concurrency
  • Comprehend and build up your insight into programming essentials Develop an information establishment for further developed programming dialects

All that you Need to Get up and Go!

This course has been intended for any individual who knows about coding and programming dialects, however has not yet turned their hand to Google Go. It’s likewise ideal for novice developers who need to expand their abilities by learning another dialect. It’s not expected for complete novices learning their first language, in spite of the fact that it causes an astounding to catch up course.

The course is broken into a few distinct segments which become progressively further developed as you progress. More than 41 talks and 4 hours, you will be consistently tested however ready to move at an agreeable pace (without turning out to be overpowered). It’s everything about hands on preparing, so hope to hop directly into the activity and get coding with genuine world golang models.

After you have been acquainted with the Go language, you will get to holds with its individual highlights, capacities, structures and interfaces. You’ll at that point grow your insight to components like polymorphism, encryption and simultaneousness (among others) before handling the course venture. On consummation, you’ll be knowledgeable in all things Go and prepared to either begin utilizing it in true applications, or proceed onward to another further developed programming language.

Apparatuses Used

LiteIDE: Lite IDE is the open source incorporated improvement condition utilized related to Go to compose code. On the off chance that you can’t utilize LiteIDE for this course, golang is a valuable other option.

Google Go: Go is an open source programming language created by Google and utilized in a significant number of their frameworks (just as in different applications not related with Google). It is aggregated in the custom of C and C++ and is moderately easy to get for those with programming experience.

Requirement for this Course:

  • Some programming fundamentals may benefit students.
  • Software isn’t required for the course but LiteIDE is used. If LiteIDE is not available, golang org can be used in its place.

Who this course is For:

  • Anyone wanting to learn Go
  • People well versed in Go may not want to take this course.

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