Learn Web Design & SEO Free Video Course Free Download

Learn Web Design & SEO Free Video Course Free Download

Take your Web design & SEO business to the next level by building a virtual team to do the work and expand your business

Web Design & SEO

What you will learn:

  • Understand what skills are required to manage a virtual team
  • Identify what’s most important to focus on to ensure success
  • Safely scale your business
  • Calculate your expenses and adjust prices for maximum revenue
  • Identify the best profit margins per worker
  • Find and identify good virtual workers
  • Protect yourself and your business against bad workers
  • Use project management software to efficiently manage multiple workers and projects
  • Handle client complaints and fire bad clients like a pro

Requirements of Web Design & SEO:

  • No experience in managing a virtual team is required

Description of Web Design & SEO:

“One thing I initially thought is you should take this course after you set up and begin working. Be that as it may, I was dead off-base. You need to take this course immediately in light of the fact that she encourages you set the basis for your business prior to beginning. So you can dodge bunches of future inconveniences. Anyone beginning or even in business for some time in SEO and website composition should take this course!!! This course is an outright should.” – Azad Majeed

Have you ever needed to develop your home website architecture business by building a virtual group?

Wouldn’t it be incredible to have a few specialists finishing your activities for you permitting you to get more cash-flow and have all the more spare time?

The great new is, you can take your one individual activity and transform it into a full group of laborers who will oversee ventures, work with clients and make your business more productive.

This course was made for you to really fire setting up your virtual group, not simply figure out how to do it. As you take this course you’ll be approached to finish activity steps that will walk you through setting up your group so before the finish of this course you will construct your group to drastically build your benefits.

I maintained a home website composition business for more than 10 years and I got the most cash-flow when I began to assemble a virtual group around me. Presently I’m here to impart every one of my insider facts to you about how to choose the correct colleagues, keep them upbeat and assist them with developing your business and benefits.

“This course is generally excellent. On the off chance that you need to figure out how to extend your business and free your time at all with coding, or on the off chance that you need to make a decent pay. this course will help you. Here you can figure out how enlist a gifted consultants and hold them if there are acceptable. It’s enthusiastically prescribed to any one who needs to prevail in business.” – Gopal Prabakar

I’m here to help you so alongside this course you’ll additionally approach me as I make myself accessible to respond to your inquiries, give input and exhortation. Together we can ensure you succeed!

This course likewise gives you limitless admittance to all of the business archives you will require to develop your website composition business group that you can download, alter and use in your own business.

Prepare to cover:

  • 3 key elements for a fruitful website composition business
  • The most effective method to securely scale your business and set yourself up for progress
  • Instructions to figure the net revenue per specialist
  • Where to discover great quality virtual laborers
  • Inquiries you should pose to possible virtual laborers
  • The most effective method to proficiently deal with different tasks and numerous laborers
  • The best undertaking the executives programming to utilize

also, obviously there’s much more!

In the event that you are searching for a pyramid scheme – DO NOT take this course. This course is for genuine individuals who need to place in the work it takes to grow a business effectively.

I am sure you will have the option to fabricate an effective virtual group for your home website composition business in the wake of experiencing this course in the event that you follow every one of the exercises I have made for you.

You have a 30-day, 100% unconditional promise without any inquiries posed so you don’t have anything to lose. I make myself accessible so you will approach me in the event that you have questions or need input en route. You’re not in this by itself!

Try not to LOSE MONEY by not taking this course at the present time. Try not to kick yourself a month from now since you didn’t begin today.

Snap on the Take This Course button in the upper right hand side of your screen now and lets get this going!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who runs a home web design business
  • Anyone who wants to start a home web design business
  • Anyone who has started to grow their business and wants to make sure it’s done right

Course content of Web Design & SEO:

Taking Your Web Design and SEO Business to The Next Level:

  • What This Course Is & Is Not
  • How to Contact Me & Get Support
  • Importance of Understanding Why You Want to Grow Your Business BEFORE You Grow
  • Do You Have What It Takes to Expand Your Web Design and SEO Business?
  • Your New Focus and How Your Role Will Change
  • Do I Have What It Takes to Take My Web Design & SEO Business to The Next Level?9 questions
  • Complete These Action Steps Before Moving On (Section 1)

Planning For Growth:

  • Section 2: What We’re Going to Cover in Planning for Growth
  • 3 Key Ingredients for a Successful Web Design and SEO Business in the Long Term
  • How to Safely Scale Your Web Design & SEO Business – Set Yourself Up For Success
  • Example Growth Strategy Plan – DOWNLOAD, EDIT & USE2 pages
  • Understanding Your Expenses & Adjusting Your Prices as You Grow
  • What Your Profit Margins Should Be Per Worker
  • Complete These Action Steps Before Moving On (Section 2

Growing Your Business – The Virtual Expansion:

  • Section 3: What We’re Going to Cover in Growing Your Business
  • Deciding What Your Role Will Be & Having Everyone Do What They Do Best
  • What Type of Virtual Team Members Should You Have In Your Business?
  • 7 Places to Find Good Virtual Web Design & SEO Freelancers
  • How to Identify a Good Virtual Worker When You See One
  • Questions to Ask A Potential Worker (DOWNLOAD & USE)1 page
  • 6 Ways to Keep Good Workers Once Your Find Them
  • What is a NDA and Why You Should Use One
  • Sample Confidentiality Agreement for Freelancers (DOWNLOAD & USE)5 pages
  • Complete These Action Steps Before Moving On (Section 3)

How to Effectively Manage Multiple Projects With a Virtual Team:

  • Section 4: What We’re Going to Cover in Effectively Managing Multiple Projects
  • How to Make Yourself Replaceable in Your Business & Why You’d Want To
  • How to Efficiently Manage Multiple Projects With a Virtual Team
  • Setting the Ground Rules for Your Virtual Team
  • Using Process Maps to Scale and Become More Profitable
  • Example Business Process Map – DOWNLOAD
  • The Best Project Management Software to Use (Including Free Options)
  • Complete These Action Steps Before Moving On (Section 4)

How to Professionally Handle Client Complaints & Fire Bad Clients:

  • Section 5: What We’re Going to Cover in Handling Client Complaints Like a Pro
  • The 6 Step Process for Handling Client Complaints (So You Can Keep Your Clients)
  • Identifying a Client Worth Firing & Why It’s Important to Fire Some Clients
  • How to (Professionally) Fire Those Clients You Just Can’t Stand
  • Complete These Action Steps Before Moving On (Section 5)

Selling Your Web Design and SEO Business:

  • Section 6: What We’re Going to Cover in Selling Your Web Design and SEO Business
  • Why You May Want to Sell Your Home Web Design and SEO Business
  • Setting Up Your Business to Sell & What Potential Buyers Are Looking For
  • Is Your Business Set-Up To Sell? A Checklist – DOWNLOAD & USE1 page
  • The Importance of Your Business Name When It Comes Time to Sell
  • Name Your Price – How to Know What Your Business is Worth
  • How to Sell Your Business & Where to Find Buyers
  • Complete These Action Steps Before Moving On (Section 6)

Taking Your Web Design Business to The Next Level:

  • A Quick Note About the Documents in This Course
  • Your Next Steps in Growing Your Business
  • Checklist: Action Steps for Growing Your Home Web Design Business – DOWNLOAD
  • Recommended Reading for Further Learning
  • Let’s Continue Learning Together

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