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Learn Web Developer by building 25 websites and mobile apps using HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Python, MySQL & more!

What you will learn:

  • Build websites and webapps
  • Build HTML-based mobile apps
  • Get a job as a junior web developer
  • Bid for projects on freelance websites
  • Start their own online business
  • Be a comfortable front-end developer
  • Be proficient with databases and server-side languages

Requirements of Web Developer:

  • No pre-knowledge is required – enthusiasm is all you need!
  • A PC or Mac is required
  • No software is required in advance of the course (all software used in the course is free)

Description of Web Developer:

Welcome to The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0

In light of input from more than 25,000 5-star surveys, I’ve made The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0, the spin-off of my worldwide raving success: Build 14 Websites course.

It’s my generally current, top to bottom and energizing coding course—until now.

Intended for you—regardless of where you are in your coding venture—my cutting edge web designer course is flooding with new substance. Jam-stuffed with top notch instructional exercises. Also, essentially, highlights the most developed, hot-off-the-press programming adaptations.

It’s your most optimized plan of attack to press clad coding results.

We’ve investigated every possibility.

I ensure, this is THE most exhaustive, laser-engaged and cutting-edge coding course accessible ANYWHERE available—or your cash back.

Regardless of whether you’re a business person, a pioneer or the following Mark Zuckerberg simply in the works, here you’ll discover all you require to get up and coding—quick.

Also, it’s across the board impeccably bundled, super-advantageous online arrangement.

“It is elusive a total course out there that resembles this one. I am astonished at the estimation of the substance and I would unmistakably prescribe it to anybody searching for a total web growing course.” – Daniel Lim

From zero to break-neck speed in only a month and a half.

What else makes my course extraordinary? It’ll take you from apprentice to master in only a month and a half (or take it at your own movement—whatever suits you).

“I went from all out amateur to getting my first paid customer, before I’d even completed the course. Practically incredible!” Priti Palmer.

Begin today and join a huge number of my glad understudies, a considerable lot of whom have changed vocations, made second livelihoods or added basic new abilities to their toolboxs.

Goodness, and did I notice you get FREE limitless facilitating for one year?

Join to The Complete Web Developers Course 2.0 today and reform your learning. Easily insert the essentials. Invigorate your preparation. Burrow further than at any other time. Begin assembling amazing applications and money acquiring sites today—and appreciate greater, more brilliant chances.

“Fantastic course gives you all you require to know for doing great sites!” – Steven De Jesús

Try not to trust me? I offer full unconditional promise in the event that you haven’t brought in your cash back inside 60 days of finishing the course.

Prepared to open new entryways and become a shrewd, popular web engineer?

This is what you get with The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0

You will gain admittance to twelve sections that delve profound into the low down of building fruitful sites.

Every part is upheld with more than 40 hours of clear, wise video instructional exercises and useful site difficulties.

All at your fingers tips. At this moment.

  • The course begins with the essentials. I’ll show you insider tips to work rapidly and productively with web innovations like HTML5, CSS3 and Python.
  • Whenever you have that secured, I’ll tell you the best way to construct your own responsive sites utilizing further developed methods, for example, jQuery PHP 7, MySQL 5 and Twitter Bootstrap.
  • By then you’ll be creating web journals and eCommerce locales with WordPress, and learn keen approaches to add dynamic substance, utilizing APls to associate with destinations, for example, Google Maps and Facebook.
  • As we as a whole know, the most ideal approach to learn is to do, so you’ll finish fun site difficulties every step of the way. Also, as you fly through the course, you’ll utilize your abilities to assemble a site as you go. The last test is a full Twitter clone.

“Exceptionally simple to track with how the course has been isolated into little themes. The rundown pages toward the finish of every theme are exceptionally helpful to audit in the event that you need to take a break from the course, permitting you to get right the last known point of interest.” – Andrea Price-Lace

More than 12 sections you will learn:

  • How accomplishes the web work?
  • Setting up your (free) facilitating
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • jQuery
  • CMSs and WordPress
  • Responsive Design
  • PHP Coding
  • MySQL Databases
  • Assembling it all: Making a Twitter clone
  • Reward Chapter: How to make $10,000 while figuring out how to code

What else will you get?

  • A well disposed, casual network to help you consistently
  • Individual contact with me, the course mentor
  • Digital books that will tell you the best way to begin acquiring before you’ve even wrapped up
  • Lifetime admittance to course materials
  • Active figuring out how to secure that information
  • A profound comprehension of how to code, plan and fabricate amazing sites
  • FREE UNLIMITED WEB HOSTING FOR ONE YEAR (worth $199) Limited to one year for each understudy not per course

“There are TONS of books, costly courses, and awful recordings online that you could squander a long time on. DON’T. Simply take this course. You’ll see.” T. Henderson

Never squander one more moment gaining from outdated books, awkward and costly online courses and yawnsome YouTube recordings again!

With The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0 all that’s all set, in one advantageous, outlined stage.

Also you’ll get quick, benevolent, responsive help by email, Twitter and on the Udemy gatherings. Or then again appreciate talking with 100,000 different understudies in my benevolent discussions.

“Incredible course!!! Simple to follow and gives incredible help if necessary! Both the teacher and individual understudies are snappy at assisting.” – Malin Singleton

Take a look at my profile underneath, to perceive how I surrendered my effective vocation to instruct others to code low maintenance. Since settling on that choice, my life has changed amazing.

I ensure that ANYONE can profit by taking this course, regardless of whether it’s bringing in some additional cash or changing your vocation through and through.

So what are you hanging tight for? Change your reality and sign up now to get a free duplicate of my select 20 page digital book ‘How to make $10,000 while figuring out how to code’.

“I learned more in the initial not many HTML instructional exercises then I did with 70% of code institute.” – Louis Elliott

Instructed by

Subsequent to building sites for loved ones for the sake of entertainment, I before long discovered that web improvement was a worthwhile profession decision. I surrendered my effective (and here and there unpleasant) work as an educator to work low maintenance and today, couldn’t be more joyful.

I’m energetic about instructing children to code, so every late spring I run codeschoolorguk in the wonderful city of Cambridge. I additionally run the well known web facilitating and configuration administration, Eco Web Hosting, which leaves me allowed to impart my mysteries to individuals like you.

You wouldn’t accept the opportunity that being a web engineer offers. Join and discover for yourself why countless individuals are taking and suggesting this course. I truly trust it’s the best available and on the off chance that you disagree, I’ll cheerfully discount your cash.

“In case you’re searching for a truly powerful course that gears you up to skillfully construct cleaned, proficient sites that individuals will need to pay you for, I for one assurance this is the ONLY course for you.” Rob Percival

Join to The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0 and go along with me in this astounding experience today.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn to code
  • Anyone who wants to generate new income streams
  • Anyone who wants to build websites
  • Anyone who wants to become financially independent
  • Anyone who wants to start their own business or become freelanc

Course content of Web Developer:

Introduction of Web Developer:

  • How to Get All the Free Stuff
  • Getting Started On A Mac
  • Getting Started On Windows
  • How To Ask Great Questions
  • Frequently Asked Questions

HTML 53:

  • Introduction To HTML 5 Section
  • Your First Webpage
  • Your First Webpage – Files & Coding Challenge
  • The Structure Of A WebpagePreview
  • The Structure Of A Webpage – Files
  • Creating A Full Webpage
  • Creating A Full Webpage – Files
  • Header Tags
  • Header Tags – Files
  • Paragraph Tags
  • Paragraph Tags – Files
  • Formatting Text
  • Formatting Text – Files
  • Unordered Lists
  • Unordered Lists – Files
  • Ordered Lists
  • Ordered Lists – Files
  • Images
  • Images – Files
  • Forms
  • Forms – Files
  • Tables
  • Tables – Files
  • Links
  • Links – Files
  • HTML Entities
  • HTML Entities – Files
  • IFrames
  • IFrames – Files
  • Putting It All Together
  • Putting It All Together – Files
  • Setting Up Your Free Hosting
  • Setting Up FTP
  • Note On Firefox Versions
  • Setting Up FireFTP On Windows – Legacy
  • Setting Up FireFTP On Mac – Legacy
  • Further Reading – HTML
  • Reference 1 – HTML Tag Reference
  • HTML Quiz8 questions
  • CCA HTML Level 1

CSS 33:

  • Introduction To CSS 3 Section
  • What Is CSS?
  • Inline CSS
  • Inline CSS – Files
  • Internal CSS
  • Internal CSS – Files
  • Classes And IDs
  • Classes And IDs – Files
  • Divs
  • Divs – Files
  • Colors
  • Colors – Files
  • Floating
  • Floating – Files
  • Positioning
  • Positioning – Files
  • Margins
  • Margins – Files
  • Padding
  • Padding – Files
  • Borders
  • Borders – Files
  • Fonts
  • Fonts – Files
  • Styling Text
  • Styling Text – Files
  • Aligning Text
  • Aligning Text – Files
  • Styling Links
  • Styling Links – Files
  • CSS Project BBC News Website (1)
  • CSS Project BBC News Website (2)
  • CSS Project BBC News Website (3)
  • CSS Project BBC News Website (4
  • CSS Project BBC News Website – Files
  • External CSS
  • Further Reading – CSS
  • Reference 2 – CSS
  • CSS – Quiz8 questions
  • CCA CSS Level 1


  • Introduction To Javascript Section
  • What Is Javascript?
  • What Is Javascript? – Files
  • Internal Javascript
  • Internal Javascript – Files
  • Accessing Elements
  • Accessing Elements – Files
  • Responding To A Click
  • Responding To A Click – Files
  • Changing Website Content
  • Changing Website Content – Files
  • Manipulating Styles With Javascript
  • Manipulating Styles With Javascript – Files
  • Mini Challenge – Disappearing Circles
  • Mini Challenge – Disappearing Circles – Files
  • Variables
  • Variables – Files
  • Arrays
  • Arrays – Files
  • If Statements
  • If Statements – Files
  • Javascript Game – How Many Fingers
  • Javascript Game – How Many Fingers – Files
  • Loops
  • Loops – Files
  • While Loops
  • While Loops – Files
  • Functions
  • Functions – Files
  • Javascript Project – Reaction Tester
  • Javascript Project – Reaction Tester – Files
  • External Javascript
  • External Javascript – Files
  • Further Reading – Javascript
  • Reference 3 – Javascript
  • Javascript – Quiz8 questions
  • CCA Javascript Level 1


  • Introduction To jQuery Section
  • What Is jQuery?
  • Using jQuery In Your Webpages
  • Using jQuery In Your Webpages – Files
  • Detecting A Click
  • Detecting A Click – Files
  • Changing Website Content
  • Changing Website Content – Files
  • Changing Website Styles
  • Changing Website Styles – Files
  • Fading Content
  • Fading Content – Files
  • Animating Content
  • Animating Content – Files
  • AJAX
  • AJAX – Files
  • Regular Expressions
  • Regular Expressions – Files
  • Mini Project – Form Validation
  • Mini Project – Form Validation – Files
  • Introducing jQuery UI
  • Introducing jQuery UI – Files
  • Draggables & Resizables
  • Draggables & Resizables – Files
  • Droppables
  • Droppables – Files
  • Accordion & Sortables
  • Accordion & Sortables – Files
  • jQuery Project – Code Player
  • jQuery Project – Code Player Project – Files
  • Further Reading – jQuery
  • JQuery – Quiz8 questions
  • CCA jQuery Level 1

Bootstrap 4:

  • Introduction To Bootstrap 4 Section
  • What Is Bootstrap?
  • Your First Bootstrap Site
  • Your First Bootstrap Site – Files
  • The Grid System
  • The Grid System – Files
  • Introducing Navbars
  • Introducing Navbars – Files
  • Forms & Tables
  • Forms & Tables – Files
  • Bootstrap Components
  • Bootstrap Components – Files
  • Modals, Popovers & Tooltips
  • Modals, Popovers & Tooltips – Files
  • ScrollSpy
  • ScrollSpy – Files
  • Project – App Landing Page
  • Project – App Landing Page – Files
  • The Free Bootstrap Themes
  • Further Reading – Bootstrap
  • Bootstrap – Quiz5 questions


  • Introduction To WordPress Section
  • What Is WordPress?
  • The WordPress Dashboard
  • 6.3 WordPress Themes
  • Important: A note about X Theme and the next lecture
  • How To Get $10 Off X Theme
  • 6.4 Creating A Blog
  • Creating An Ecommerce Site
  • WordPress Challenge – Create A Site
  • Further Reading – WordPress
  • WordPress – Quiz5 questions

PHP28 lectures:

  • Introduction To PHP Section
  • Introduction To PHP
  • Hello World With PHP
  • Hello World With PHP – Files
  • Variables
  • Variables – Files
  • Arrays09:03
  • Arrays – Files
  • If Statements
  • If Statements – Files
  • For And For Each Loops
  • For And For Each Loops – Files
  • While Loops
  • While Loops – Files
  • GET Variables
  • GET Variables – Files
  • POST Variables
  • POST Variables – Files
  • Sending An Email With PHP
  • Sending An Email With PHP – Files
  • Mini Project – A Contact Form
  • Mini Project – A Contact Form – Files
  • Getting Contents Of Other Scripts
  • Getting Contents Of Other Scripts – Files
  • Project – Weather Scraper
  • Project – Weather Scraper – Files
  • Further Reading – PHP
  • PHP – Quiz10 questions
  • CCA PHP Level 1


  • Introduction To MySQL 5 Section
  • Introduction To MySQL
  • Connecting To A Database
  • Connecting To A Database – Files
  • Retrieving Data From A Database
  • Retrieving Data From A Database – Files
  • Inserting And Updating Data
  • Inserting And Updating Data – Files
  • Looping Through Data
  • Looping Through Data – Files
  • Session Variables
  • Session Variables – Files
  • Cookies
  • Cookies – Files
  • Storing Passwords Securely
  • Storing Passwords Securely – Files
  • A note about secure passwords – password_hash()
  • Project Secret Diary (1)
  • Project Secret Diary – Part 1 Files
  • Project – Secret Diary (2)
  • Project Secret Diary – Part 2 Files
  • Further Reading – MySQL
  • MySQL – Quiz8 questions
  • CCA MySQL Level 100:05

APIs16 lectures:

  • Introduction To APIs Section
  • What Is An API?
  • What’s The Weather
  • What’s The Weather – Files
  • The Google Maps API
  • The Google Maps API – Files
  • Geocoding With Google Maps
  • Geocoding With Google Maps – Files
  • Mini Challenge – Postcode Finder
  • Mini Challenge Postcode Finder – Files
  • The Twitter API – UPDATE
  • The Twitter API
  • The Twitter API – Files
  • Challenge – Build A Twitter Client
  • Build A Twitter Client – Files
  • Further Reading – APIs
  • APIs – Quiz

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