Web Developer Roadmap For Beginner to Professional Tutorials

Web Developer Roadmap For Beginner to Professional Tutorials For Free Start web developer junior to senior. learn all the technical skills junior to senior 2020!(Build Web Developer Roadmap For Junior to Senior For Free)


what you will be learn it:

  • Skills that will allow you to apply for jobs in these roles: Web Developer, Software Developer, Front End Developer, Javascript Developer, or Full Stack Developer
  • Have a full featured image recognition app to put onto your portfolio that will wow any employer
  • You will no longer be or feel like a Junior Developer
  • Lead technical projects as a Senior Developer
  • Learn the technologies that are being used behind the biggest tech companies in 2020
  • Master advanced and modern fundamental concepts in web development

Web Developer Roadmap Course content:

  • Introduction
  • SSH
  • Performance Part 1
  • Performance Part 2
  • Testing
  • TypeScript
  • SPA vs Server Side Rendering
  • Security
  • Code Analysis
  • Docker
  • Redis
  • Sessions + JWT
  • AWS
  • Performance Part 3
  • CI/CD
  • Extra Bits
  • The Final Video
  • Extras: For Windows Users
  • Bonus: AMA Video!
  • Extras


This is the tutorial you’ve been looking for to no longer be a junior developer, level up your skills, and earn a higher salary.This extensive course doesn’t just cover a small portion of the industry. This covers everything you need to know to go from junior developer, to learning the in-demand technical skills that some of the top developers in the industry know so you can become a senior developer this year.

You will become comfortable using the below skills and you will be able to put these on your resume:

  • SSH
  • React + Redux 
  • Webpack4 + Parcel
  • Node.js + Express
  • Front End Performance Optimizations
  • Back End Performance Optimization
  • Progressive Web Apps
  • Typescript
  • Software Testing
  • Server Side Rendering and Client Side Rendering
  • Front End Security Optimizations
  • Back End Security Optimizations
  • Docker
  • Redis
  • Sessions + JWT
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Serverless Architecture
  • Integration
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Deployment

Who this course is for:

  • want to be a Junior Web Developer anymore
  • become a Senior Developer one day and earn a higher salary
  • learn best practices and build scalable applications professionally
  • You know HTML, CSS and Javascript but want to expand your skills and do more
  • start your own business or become a freelancer
  • learn advanced industry skills that are necessary in 2020 to get hired as a web developer
  • one course to teach you everything in one place from a Senior Developer that works in the industry

Web Developer Roadmap For Beginner to Professional Tutorials download now , clicking below, If you have a any question so! please comment now!

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