Learn Webpack 2 The Complete Developer’s Guide Free Video Course

Master Webpack 2 as you deploy web apps supported by Babel, code splitting, and ES2015 Modules.

Webpack 2

What you will learn:

  • Understand the purpose of Webpack in a modern web app
  • Build custom boilerplate projects to serve ES2015 Javascript
  • Deploy Webpack-based projects to AWS, Heroku, and more
  • Enhance the performance of web apps by leveraging Webpack’s ecosystem of plugins
  • Enhance code organization through the use of ES2015 JS Modules

Requirements of this course:

  • Basic knowledge of Javascript
  • A Mac or PC

Description of this course:

Webpack 2 is the chief form device for React and Angular 2 applications.

Organization? Covered. Execution advancements? We got it. Custom standard creation? Its here!

Webpack is infamous for being precarious to design accurately. In this course you’ll dominate each significant element of Webpack and figure out how to streamline it for your own application. Webpack has an abundance of extravagant highlights, however each needs top to bottom information on how they work. This course is the most exhaustive Webpack course you’ll discover on the web, and the lone full seminar on the mainstream form 2 release of Webpack.

This course will get you ready for action rapidly, and show you the center information you need to profoundly comprehend and assemble Webpack-based activities.

Worn out on downloading standards bundles with no thought how to transform them?

Respond and Angular 2 have seen independent standard bundles thrive, yet they accompany thick design arrangements that make them trying to change. With the experience you acquire in this course you’ll have the option to alter your undertakings to suit your specific necessities.

Such a lot of substance!

  • Become familiar with the contrast among ES2015 and CommonJS module frameworks
  • Burden ES2015 code with Webpack’s Babel Loader
  • Use Webpack to naturally resize and pack pictures for ideal burden times
  • Carry out code parting to significantly diminish load times
  • Figure out how to change your React venture to work impeccably with Webpack
  • Expert forming of your application to lessen the measure of code your clients download
  • Convey your application to AWS, Heroku, Github Pages, or Surge

Webpack can be befuddling to learn, yet subsequent to taking this course you’ll comprehend that it is a device that requires only a tad of fixation to dominate. When you hear my clarifications of Webpack, you’ll come to understand that every idea is direct, and just requires the littlest dash of tolerance to appreciate. No filler here, just laser center around the main parts of Webpack.

I generally fabricate courses I would need to take, and this is no exemption. Each theme is clarified exhaustively with going with outlines and models. You’ll gain proficiency with the origin story of each element and realize where to apply them to take care of certifiable issues.

Who this course is for:

  • Any engineer with basic knowledge of Javascript

Course content:

Introduction of Webpack 2:

  • Links to Github Repos
  • Join Our Community!

What Does Webpack Do?:

  • Why Do We Use Build Tools?
  • Javascript Modules
  • The Purpose of Webpack
  • Test Your Understanding3 questions
  • Webpack in Action
  • Javascript Module Syntax
  • Linking Files with CommonJS
  • Webpack Installation and Configuration
  • More on Webpack Configuration
  • Running Webpack
  • The Bundle.js File
  • Running the App

Handling Project Assets:

  • Introduction to Loaders
  • Babel Setup for ES2015
  • Babel Configuration
  • Refactor to ES2015 Modules
  • Handling CSS with Webpack
  • The Style and CSS Loaders
  • Loaders are Tricky!
  • The Extract Text Plugin
  • Handling Images with Webpack
  • Automatic Image Compression
  • Public Paths

Building for Performance with Webpack:

  • Introduction to Code Splitting
  • Codesplitting in Practice
  • On Demand Code Loading
  • System Import Calls

Applying Webpack to a Real Project:

  • A Real World Project
  • Setting Up Babel
  • Minimum Webpack Config
  • Vendor Asset Caching
  • More on Vendor Caching
  • Refactoring for Vendor Splitting
  • Effect of Code Splitting
  • Troubleshooting Vendor Bundles
  • Chunk Hashing for Cache Busting
  • Cache Busting Wrapup
  • Cleaning Project Files

Webpack Dev Server:

  • Introduction to Webpack Dev Server
  • Gotchas with Webpack Dev Server

React-Specific Topics:

  • React Router with Codesplitting
  • Plain Routes with React Router Codesplitting

Webpack-Based Deployment for Static Sites:

  • Deployment Options
  • Getting Production Ready
  • Deployment with Surge (Easiest!)
  • Deployment with Github Pages
  • Deployment with AWS S3

Webpack-Based Deployment for Dynamic Sites:

  • Deployment of Servers
  • Node and Webpack Integration
  • Webpack Middleware in Development
  • Webpack Middleware in Production
  • Deployment to Heroku
  • Deployment to AWS
  • More on AWS Deployment


  • Basic knowledge of Javascript
  • A Mac or PC

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