Learn What Is WordPress SEO Free Video Course Free Download

Learn What Is WordPress SEO Free Video Course Free Download

What Is WordPress SEO Rank 1 on Google with Technical SEO, 1s Pagespeed, UX SEO, Backlink SEO, Keyword Research SEO + WordPress SEO Training

What Is WordPress SEO

What you will learn :

  • SEO Training on 50+ SEO factors to rank 1 on Google Search Engine
  • Reason why those SEO factors matter in real-time
  • How those SEO factors affects the ranking of websites on Google
  • Rank 1 in Google Search with WordPress SEO 2020 Training: Do’s and Don’ts
  • Learn all the 8 Technical SEO factors
  • SEO your website to bring in more organic traffic from Google & other search engines
  • Make your website to load in less than 0.5 seconds & increase sales / conversions by 2X
  • Get Page speed insights score of up to 100 for both desktop and mobile
  • Learn the Essential skills to optimize your website for Google, Bing & Yandex search engines
  • Get indexed by search engines faster
  • Improve the User experience of your website – The future SEO factor
  • Decrease your website visitor’s bounce rate and improve time spent on your site
  • Learn to use the best free SEO tools across the entire web
  • Get targeted traffic to your site, by using the chosen transactional / informative long tail keywords
  • Get low competition, high traffic optimized long tail keyword list – Hands on
  • Get demystified on Link building myths and learn what type of backlinks works best
  • Learn which type of backlinks are not worthy anymore
  • Get an actionable list of more than 25 White Hat Backlink generation sources
  • Learn expired SEO techniques / Myths, which can hurt your website
  • Immune your website against Negative SEO attacks and identify bad backlinks to your site

Requirements For This Course :

  • Students need to be just aware of SEO – Search Engine Optimization
  • You may need a WordPress website to use the plugins I have demonstrated in this SEO 2020 Training course

Description Of What Is WordPress SEO:

This course, SEO 2020 Training: The Complete SEO Course for WordPress Websites is around 50 SEO (Search Engine Optimization) factors on the most proficient method to arrive at best position on Google search with Search Engine Optimization.

Each SEO factor is clarified in the accompanying manners:

  • Why is that a SEO factor?
  • Trend investigation for the SEO factor in the ongoing years
  • Live case of how that SEO factor conveys results
  • When and how to utilize these SEO factors?
  • Danial Ashrafi says, “For Newbies it is a thousand time preferred course over others”
  • Pillar Co says, “His substance is very top notch and I would state of high an incentive for individuals searching for a major picture outline to begin”
  • Aravind Automation Engineer says, “Incredible and clear clarification on SEO center focuses. Directed..”
  • Abhishek Bamotra says, “Straightforward and best SEO manage I at any point went over :)”

This whole SEO 2020 course depends on a catchphrase research assembled from 10,000 watchwords for top 30 SERPs over the years 2014 to 2019. So they are altogether new, working and they apply 100% to 2020 and up. Additionally this is the most evaluated SEO seminar on the stage.

Website optimization isn’t a Cost however an Investment. This course is uncommonly intended for Webmasters, Bloggers, Business proprietors, Search Engine Optimization Beginners/Experts and Website proprietors, who need to rank #1 in Google.

Khairul says, “Truly Excellent Course. My WordPress site has been enhanced. not just by SEO and enhancement for the speed.

Web optimization prerequisite clarified in detail on its significance and how to accomplish it. Truly Excellent Course.

In the event that you are proprietor of a WordPress site, or creating for other people. This will truly support you. Completely suggested”

This is a no cushion SEO course. Every single talk is arranged and cleaned with heaps of uncommon data, SEO instructional exercise that produces results and models or exploration information to legitimize those SEO factors.

Social Proof

  • Top of the line SEO Course
  • More than 60,000 Satisfied Students
  • More than 10,000 Positive Reviews
  • Shut Captions (English Subtitles)
  • 10 Hours of Full HD Videos + More to Come
  • Smoothed out + Efficient Course Organization
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • 30 Days unconditional promise – No inquiries posed
  • Most importantly – Instructor with ‘Lightning speed’ identification holder for his quick reaction time and backing

Course Update Timeline

  • June 2020: Content SEO (New), Keyword Research SEO v2.6
  • Dec 2019: Pagespeed SEO v4
  • Oct 2019: Keyword Research SEO v2.5
  • August 2019: Demystifying Backlinks SEO v2
  • July 2019: Keyword Research SEO v2.4, Get Indexed Faster v2.1
  • May 2019: Keyword Research SEO v2.3, Get Indexed Faster v2, Technical SEO v3 segments
  • Walk 2019: Pagespeed SEO v3.4, Keyword Research SEO v2.2 segments
  • May 2018: PageSpeed SEO v3.3 area
  • April 2018: Pagespeed SEO v3.2 area
  • April 2018: Keyword Research v2.1 SEO segment
  • November 2017: Technical SEO v2.3 area – 14 Lectures – 55 Mins
  • August 2017: Page Speed SEO v3 area – 16 talks – 1 hour 45 minutes
  • August 2017: Demystifying Backlinks SEO area – 8 Lectures – 27 Minutes
  • July 2017: Technical SEO v2.2, Page Speed SEO v2.2 areas – 12 Lectures – 55 minutes
  • June 2017: Technical SEO v2.1 area – 14 Lectures – 60 minutes
  • Dec 2016: Page Speed SEO v2.1 area – 7 Lectures – 40 Minutes
  • May 2016: Keyword Research SEO area – 11 Lectures – 1 hour 15 minutes
  • April 2016: Negative SEO area – 17 Lectures – 1 hour 6 minutes

Timothy Izquierdo says, “I am an amateur in SEO. Everything managed till now in specialized SEO factors are stuff that we do/write in day by day blogging. Yet, every one of them are managed from a serious point of view. In any case, it is so natural to learn.

Each idea is stated, what it is? why it ought to be finished? when it is to be finished? how it ought to be finished? in light of the examination charts which is appeared for each and every idea. I am essentially overwhelmed!”

This course will push you to

  • Ace Technical SEO factors – The section pass to web indexes
  • Make your site load in under a second. The fascinating aspect of this area is, your page speed experiences score will up to 100/100 for work area and 100/100 for versatile
  • Get recorded via web crawlers quicker
  • Actualize the best User experience for your guests/clients – The future SEO factor. Decrease client relinquishment rate and increment client’s time spent on your site
  • Learn Keyword Research in SEO – Get focused on traffic to your site, by utilizing the picked value-based/enlightening long tail watchwords
  • All backlink legends demystified – Learn the significant qualities of backlinks and disregard the ones that don’t work any longer
  • Ensure your site against Negative SEO – It’s not a dark cap SEO. This is your line of guard against negative SEO assaults

Take in everything from Positive SEO elements to Negative SEO factors, ace them and execute on your site to get highest level in web crawlers.

Despite the fact that SEO isn’t an advanced science. It isn’t so natural to get a handle on the effect of different wordings utilized in SEO like Doorway pages, watchword stuffing, bob rate and so forth.

That is the reason, for every single SEO factor, not just you will realize what that SEO factor is, yet in addition you will learn

  • Why would that be a SEO factor?
  • When and how to utilize them?

I have additionally given defense, a few models and the evidence and how to execute it on your site.

Negative SEO is an absolute necessity know area for each WordPress proprietor, since you may rank #1 in top pages of Google search, for your mainstream watchwords now.

Imagine a scenario where, Google punishes your site and you lose positioning for your famous watchwords.

Imagine a scenario where, your imperceptible/obscure contender assaults your site with Negative SEO.

We have secured everything with respect to Negative SEO assault, how to recuperate from it and so on., in this course.

Presently you ought to have understood, this course isn’t only an assortment of data, it’s profoundly productive, smoothed out and it will give you the strong outcomes, you have anticipated.

In the event that you have ever longed for getting the opportunity to top #1 position in Google query items, at that point you have gone to the correct course. Snap on ‘Take this course’ green catch on the upper right corner to enlist now.

When you rank #1 in Google

  • Your image name will be famous
  • You will be welcomed for selective item delivers in your specialty
  • Your business/promotion income will become 2X to 100X dependent on your present position
  • Your special guests every day, endorsers will increment
  • Also, Much more

Who this course is for :

  • Webmasters
  • Bloggers
  • Business owners
  • Online Marketers
  • Search Engine Optimization Beginners / Experts
  • Web Designers and Web Developers who wants to design / develop search engine optimized website
  • Website owners, who want to get to rank #1 in Google with SEO 2020 Training for WordPress
  • If you’re a Content Creator, looking to increase your subscribe base and struggling to get new visitors from organic search
  • Anyone who wants to improve his / her / other (e.g. your friend/client) website’s ranking in search results
  • If you want to save 1000s of $$ without hiring an SEO company & Learn in-house SEO
  • If you want to build / create / setup SEO friendly WordPress websites

Course Content Of What Is WordPress SEO:

1. Introduction of What Is WordPress SEO:

  • Introduction to this SEO Training 2020 Course for WordPress Websites
  • Before you start – ReadMe
  • Introduce Yourself
  • SEO Factor K1: Why long tail keywords bring in better conversions?
  • Keyword Research SEO Quiz 1
  • Keyword Research SEO Quiz 2
  • SEO Factor K3: How to do Competitor research in the right way?
  • Keyword Research SEO Quiz 3
  • SEO Factor K4: Competitor Research a Walkthrough
  • SEO Factor K5: Have a sneak look on the top organic keywords of your competitors
  • SEO Factor K6: Complete collection of Competitor’s Top Organic keywords
  • Trouble finding your competitors or keywords?
  • SEO Factor K7: How to Validate Keywords for SEO using Google Trends
  • How to Collect top organic keywords of a specific landing page?
  • SEO Factor K8: 4 SEO Tools to Convert Broad keywords into Topic Suggestions
  • SEO Factor K9: How to find Related SEO terms and Related Keywords?
  • Competitor Analysis using All in One SEO Tool
  • Complete Keyword Research and Topic Research Process
  • What are Content Hubs? What’s their Importance in SEO?
  • What’s the Present Big Thing in SEO?
  • SEO Factor C1, C2: How to Improve the Keyword Optimization of your Content?
  • 8 Unique Tools to find Proof and Relevant terms for your Target Keywords
  • SEO Factor C3: How Big your Articles need to be, to Rank higher on Google?
  • Are your Competitors Outranking your Site even W/O Keywords in Headings? SEO C4
  • SEO Factor C5: Optimum Usage of Exact Keyword Density
  • SEO Factor C6: How to Improve Easy Readability SEO Factor
  • SEO Factor C7: How to Improve Content Relevance SEO Factor?
  • SEO Factor C8: Can Keywords in Internal Links help Improve your SEO?
  • The Wrong and Right way of Creating Links
  • SEO Factor C9: Can Keywords in External Links help Improve your SEO?
  • SEO Factor C10: Can Keywords in Meta Description help Improve your SEO?
  • Why Technical Factors Matter in SEO?
  • SEO Factor T1, T2: Impact of Headings and Meta Description
  • How to Add Heading tags and Meta Description
  • SEO Factor T3: Domain SEO Visibility
  • SEO Factor T4: Search Volume of Domain Name
  • SEO Factor T5: Keyword in Domain Name
  • SEO Factor T6: HTTPS
  • Technical SEO Quiz 1
  • SEO Factor T7: URL Length
  • SEO Factor T8: Site or Page Speed
  • Links to Page Speed Tools
  • How to be Fail Saf
  • Recommended Web Hosting Providers
  • Pagespeed Optimization for Siteground Hosting Provider
  • Measure Page speed before Optimization
  • Introduction to CDN
  • Compress Images on your WordPress website
  • Free Image CDN for your WordPress website
  • Add a Free Total CDN for your Website
  • Caution: Add Free TLS certificate to your website
  • Demystifying Pagespeed Myths
  • Two Pagespeed Techniques: Which one to follow?
  • Clarifying PageSpeed Technique Index
  • Further Image Optimization
  • Reduce server response time
  • Install and Configure Cache Plugin
  • How to flawlessly optimize your website’s static resources?
  • How to Asynchronously load JavaScript without breaking your site?
  • Troubleshooting problems in Pagespeed Technique 1 (PST 1)
  • How to do Page Speed test – The Right way?
  • What to Worry and What Not?
  • Page Speed SEO Technique 2 Starts Here – PST 2
  • What is the Page Speed Technique 2.0? – PST 2
  • Install and Configure the Page Speed Optimization Plugin – PST 2
  • Get Premium Support From the Author – PST 2
  • Troubleshoot: Images not appearing in Mobile devices – PST 2
  • HTML, CSS & Js Optimization – PST 2
  • Eliminate render blocking of CSS and Js – PST 2
  • For better Pagespeed insights score
  • Optimize Cloudflare for the best page speed – PST 2
  • Completing the Page Speed Optimization – PST 2
  • Create A Sitemap For Your Website
  • How To Add Your Website To Google Search Console
  • How To Add Sitemap Of Your Site To Google Search Console
  • Links to all sites discussed in this section
  • Create a Sitemap and Submit to Google
  • How to Find Top Ranking Keywords of Your Site
  • Wrap Up
  • Terminologies used in Backlinks SEO
  • SEO Factor B1: Number of Backlinks – Is it matter still?
  • SEO Factor B2: Number of Referring Domains
  • SEO Factor B3: Keyword vs. Brand name in Anchor text of Backlinks
  • SEO Factor B4: Source links from News sites
  • SEO Factor B5: Backlink Age – Old vs. New links
  • SEO 2020: Link Building Techniques
  • Wrap up – Demystifying Backlinks SEO section
  • Why User Experience Matters in SEO?
  • SEO Factor U1 – How many Internal Links should you add in your post?
  • SEO Factor U2 – How many images should you add in your post?
  • SEO Factor U3 – How to add copyright-free related images to your post for free?
  • SEO Factor U4 – Videos Integration
  • How to add related videos?
  • SEO Factor U5 – Responsive Design
  • Links to test SEO Factor U6
  • SEO Factor U6 – How to Change to a responsive WordPress theme for free?
  • SEO Factor U7 – Font Size
  • Links to test SEO Factor U8
  • SEO Factor U9 – Interactive Elements
  • How to add interactive elements to your WordPress website
  • SEO Factor U10 – Unordered Lists
  • SEO Factor U11 – Advertisements
  • SEO Factor U12 – User Signals
  • SEO Factor U13 – Click Through Rate (CTR)
  • ‘How to’ Headings & Meta Descriptions that can boost your CTR on Google search
  • Test your Heading Score with these Analysers
  • SEO Factor U14 – How to add Rich Snippets to your Website?
  • SEO Factor U15 – Time on Site
  • SEO Factor U16 – Bounce Rate
  • How to increase Time on site & reduce Bounce rate?
  • How to Configure a Google Analytics account?
  • How to add Google Analytics to your WordPress Website?
  • How to Link Search Console to Google Analytics
  • Introduction to Negative SEO
  • Common negative SEO methods practised by competitors
  • Proofs that exists as example for negative seo on www
  • What falls under this negative seo attack
  • 5 different SEO tools to analyse your backlink profile
  • Links to 5 different SEO tools to analyse your Backlink Profile
  • Interpret the situations that are not a negative seo attack
  • Steps you’d do to get your 1st line of defense against negative SEO
  • How to protect the best SEO backlinks in your backlink profile
  • How to collect list of worst SEO backlinks – Part 1
  • How to remove them from eyes of google part 2: SEO 2017
  • How to remove the worst SEO backlinks in your backlink profile
  • SEO Factor N1: How to avoid duplicate content within your website
  • SEO Factor N2: How to deal with 404 not found pages
  • SEO Factor N3: What is a canonical tag? How to use it?
  • 5 common SEO mistakes that are done by webmasters
  • Some of the bad SEO practices you’d not do on your site

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