WordPress Development Themes, Plugins & Gutenberg Free Video Course Free Download

WordPress Development Themes, Plugins & Gutenberg Free Video Course Free Download

WordPress Development Learn how to develop WordPress themes and plugins. Includes WooCommerce, BuddyPress and Gutenberg development.

Wordpress Development

What you will learn:

  • Build a fully functioning WordPress theme and plugin
  • Build websites for any business and audience
  • License your theme and/or plugin
  • Understand the architecture of a plugin and theme
  • Understand the WordPress core and it’s functions
  • Fully Understand WordPress’s API and how to interact with WordPress and its system
  • Query the Database and create tables
  • Comfortably navigate around the WordPress core
  • Integrate and extend WooCommerce & BuddyPress into your theme/plugin.
  • Confidently use the command line and learn basic commands.
  • Learn the latest features in JavaScript including ES6 modules and variables
  • Improve your workflow using Babel and Webpack
  • Create, manage and process admin forms.
  • Create custom post types for special kinds of content
  • Build custom Gutenberg blocks with React, Webpack and Babel.

Requirements of WordPress Development:

  • You should have a good understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and PHP.
  • You should know how to set up a local environment.
  • You should know how to install WordPress and navigate around.
  • A text editor of your choice.

Description of WordPress Development:

Hi! Welcome to the WordPress improvement course. This is the most complete and viable seminar on WordPress advancement around. This is the main course you’ll have to learn WordPress improvement.

WordPress at present holds over half of the piece of the overall industry on the web. WordPress is a flat out predominant power and it’s notoriety constantly develops. Perhaps the best thing about WordPress is that it’s effectively extendable. There are a huge number of modules and subjects accessible both free and premium.

In this course I will show you how to make your own personal modules and topics. This course was intended for the individuals who genuinely need to ace WordPress all around. There is no stone left unturned. This course will help make you into one of the most serious WordPress designers out there. You will have the option to create custom modules and topics regardless of how hard the errand is.

You can anticipate high caliber and new instructional exercises. This course utilizes the most recent adaptations of programming advancement including PHP (7.x), Twitter Bootstrap (4.x), and MySQL/MariaDB (5.x) .

Here is an outline of what you can hope to learn.

  • Take a static HTML bootstrap format and convert it into a completely working WordPress topic.
  • Expand the usefulness of your subject by utilizing the WordPress customizer API. Work with the different fields you can make from straightforward content fields to the shading picker and record uploader.
  • Compose code that scales and become familiar with the accepted procedures for composing perfect, proficient, secure and reusable code. The WordPress coding principles are covered from PHP to JavaScript and CSS.
  • Appropriately exploit the format chain of command framework and make your own custom layouts for more exceptional plans.
  • Assemble your own custom gadgets to show your own substance.
  • Assemble modules that broaden the center usefulness of WordPress.
  • Create custom post types for content that give you the adaptability to minister content you need to. Apply meta information to your substance and show everything toward the front.
  • Find out about the different techniques for making your own custom administrator structures and cycle the information safely.
  • Need to find out about WooCommerce and BuddyPress improvement? That is covered as well! The topic we make will be completely viable with these 2 modules. We’ll even redo the look and feel to suit our requirements.
  • Different themes incorporate authorizing, interpretations, security, drifters, verification, front end distributing, shortcodes thus substantially more!
  • The APIs that are covered are the accompanying: Dashboard gadgets, API, Database API, HTTP API, Metadata API, Options API, Plugins API, REST API, Rewrite API, Settings API, Shortcode API, Theme Modification API, Transients API.
  • On top of everything, you will likewise figure out how to make your own special Gutenberg blocks. Exploit the most current component that comes packaged with WordPress 5!
  • Not sure with your React and JavaScript abilities? That is totally fine! The aptitudes needed to manufacture effective and adaptable Gutenberg blocks are shrouded in this course. You’ll figure out how to utilize Node, Webpack, Babel and React

More or less, we’ll investigate the different WordPress APIs and how they ought to be utilized. The engineer documentation is loaded up with models and each page is very protracted. WordPress advancement doesn’t need to be difficult to learn. The greatest slip-up most coding instructional exercises make is anticipating that someone should adapt basically by copying others’ code. Genuine circumstances are never precisely like the instructional exercise.

I accept the most ideal approach to learn is to see how an apparatus functions and what it accomplishes for you, take a gander at models, and afterward attempt it yourself. That is the manner by which this course is worked, with the objective to help you both learn and comprehend WordPress.

Bring the jump into Gutenberg Development

This course goes past the basic WordPress module improvement and WordPress subject advancement instructional exercises. You will figure out how to make Gutenberg Blocks for WordPress as the back end. The CEO of WordPress, Matt Mullenweg, has asked engineers to begin learning JavaScript profoundly.

You will initially become familiar with the nuts and bolts, for example, the order line and ES6. You will be found the most recent guidelines of JavaScript from modules to destructuring thus significantly more! Devices, for example, babel and webpack are likewise investigated and executed with our code. We will manufacture a working WordPress Gutenberg block with React.

Assemble segments to isolate your code . This information directly readily available!

For what reason am I qualified to show this course?

I have been creating locales in WordPress for more than 8 years. I know all the secrets to working with WordPress. I don’t mess around. You will get familiar with every one of my strategies and show you the specific cycle I experience. I’ve sold business subjects and modules with over 1000+ deals around the world. I realize the stuff to make stuff that works!

There’s a ton of cash to be made with this industry and I will show you how. You will likewise be instructed how to sell your module on the web and make a benefit. This incorporates permitting and finding out about the different stages out there to assist you with showcasing.

There is no pointless data here in this course. It’s all 100% excellent substance and nothing less. I promise you will totally cherish this course and see genuine outcomes. You’ll have the right stuff and certainty to assemble your own custom subjects and modules your customers will adore. You’ll have the option to take on greater undertakings for more cash. Try not to trust me? I offer a 100% discount inside 30 days. There is positively no danger included!

Try not to be the one that gets abandoned! Enlist and begin adapting today

Who this course is for:

  • Web designers and developers who wish to take their skills and profit to the next level.
  • Anyone who wants to generate new income streams
  • Anyone who wants to understand how the WordPress core truly works and extend it.
  • Entrepreneurs who want to learn how to build quality and premium plugins and themes.
  • Anyone who wants to go beyond the basic template tutorials and learn how to add unique features along with BuddyPress and Woocommerce integration.
  • This course is for students who are new to developing plugins and themes and would like to learn the best practices for developing themes/plugins.
  • The late beginner to PHP and JavaSricpt programming.

Course content of WordPress Development:

  • Getting to know WordPressPreview
  • Setting up for WordPressPreview
  • Exploring Environments and Text EditorsPreview
  • PHP Refresher & WordPress Coding StandardsPreview
  • Section 1 Quiz5 questions
  • Lectures Notes

Theme Development Foundation

  • Exploring WordPress & Configuring the wp-config.php filePreview
  • File HeadersPreview
  • Functions File & Action HooksPreview
  • Loading styles and scripts with enqueuesPreview
  • Cache IssuesPreview
  • Adding Dummy ContentPreview
  • Menu SupportPreview
  • Aside: Menu WalkerPreview
  • Creating Header & Footer AreasPreview
  • Creating Sidebars and Widget AreasPreview
  • Formatting the search formPreview
  • The LoopPreview
  • Template PartsPreview
  • Template TagsPreview
  • PaginationPreview
  • Theme Basics Quiz4 questions
  • Lectures Notes & Download Source Code for this Section

Templates & The Customizer

  • Template Hierarchy & Single Post TemplatePreview
  • Comments TemplatePreview
  • Author Template TagsPreview
  • Related Posts using the WP_Query ClassPreview
  • Page TemplatePreview
  • 404 and Category Template
  • Date Template
  • Attachment Templates
  • Search and Custom Templates
  • Completing the Header, Title and Ad Sections
  • Theme Customizer API
  • Theme Basics Quiz #23 questions
  • Dropdown and Checkboxes using the Customizer API
  • Customizer Transports and Overriding existing Settings
  • Color & Upload Controllers for the Customizer
  • More Theme Support & Creating Starter Content
  • Displaying Popular Posts and Conditional Tags
  • Finishing Touches
  • Lecture Notes & Download the Source Code

Theme Templates

  • Template Tags Overview
  • General Tags
  • Navigation Tags
  • Link Tags
  • Lecture Notes & Download the Source Code

Plugin Development

  • Overview
  • Creating our First Plugin
  • WordPress Action & Filter Hooks
  • Custom Hooks and Prioritization
  • Plugin Activation & Security
  • Creating a Custom Post Type
  • Metadata API
  • Filter Hooks
  • Plugin Basics Quiz3 questions
  • Creating Database Tables
  • Download Assets
  • Sending and using AJAX Requests
  • Handling AJAX Requests and inserting data into the Database
  • Changing the Custom Post Type’s Table Columns
  • Lecture Notes & Download Source Code for this Section

Gutenberg Prerequisites

  • Gutenberg
  • The Command Line / Terminal
  • Getting started with NodeJS
  • Modules and CommmonJS
  • Built-in and 3rd Party Modules
  • Introduction to Webpack and Dependencies
  • Webpack Configuration
  • Webpack Loaders & Babel
  • ES6 Constants and Let
  • ES6 Arrow Functions
  • ES6 Modules & Destructuring
  • Getting Started with React
  • Reusing Components and Properties
  • Lecture Notes

Gutenberg Development

  • Getting Started with Gutenberg
  • Registering and Enqueueing the Block Assets
  • Registering Blocks
  • Block Settings
  • Using the edit and save properties
  • Inspector Controls
  • Sidebar: ES6 Rest and Spread Operators
  • Attributes
  • Rendering the Block
  • Styling Blocks
  • Alignment Toolbar
  • Block Alignment
  • Lecture Notes & Download the Source Code

Gutenberg Components

  • High Level Overview of Gutenberg
  • Gutenberg Blocks with ES5
  • Rich Text Block
  • Custom Toolbar
  • Form Toggle
  • Inspector Control Fields
  • Media Uploads
  • Lecture Notes & Download the Source Code

Advanced Plugin Development

  • Creating a Widget
  • Cron Jobs and Transients API
  • Creating a Shortcode for Frontend Publishing
  • Sanitizing HTML input and inserting a post
  • Custom Hooks with the Plugin API and sending E-mails
  • Creating the Login & Registration Forms
  • User Registration
  • User Authentication
  • Alternative User Authentication
  • Adding a Logout Link
  • Prepared Database Queries
  • Uninstalling a Plugin
  • Creating a WordPress Dashboard Widget
  • Using the HTTP API to retrieve content from external services
  • Flushing the Rewrite Rules with the Rewrite API
  • Shortcodes Explored In-Depth
  • Lecture Notes & Download the Source Code

Creating Admin Forms

  • WordPress APIs
  • Options API
  • Adding an Admin Menu and Page
  • Processing Admin Form Settings
  • Settings API
  • Featured Images using the WordPress Media Uploader
  • Custom User Roles and Capabilities
  • Custom Taxonomies
  • Custom Taxonomy Settings
  • Custom Post Type UI and Advanced Custom Fields
  • Plugin Admin Form Quiz3 questions
  • Lecture Notes & Download Source Code for this Section

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