WordPress For Beginners: Create a Website Step by Step Free Video Course Free Download

WordPress For Beginners: Create a Website Step by Step Free Video Course Free Download

WordPress For Beginners Create Websites and Blogs With Zero Experience Using WordPress and This Step By Step Guide

Wordpress For Beginners

What you will learn

  • Create websites and blogs with WordPress
  • Update and edit existing WordPress websites
  • Setup dynamic blog sections organized by category
  • Create a “Contact Us” page with interactive map and email form

Requirements of WordPress For Beginners:

  • No prerequisite knowledge required; the only thing you need is a computer and an internet connection.

Description of WordPress For Beginners:

Regardless of whether you need to make sites without coding, or you have to learn WordPress so you can refresh existing sites at your particular employment, I have you covered.

WordPress For Beginners In this energetic however intensive course we manufacture a site together bit by bit and en route you naturally ingest and ace WordPress. I’m tied in with having you track with me and I generally support experimentation over remembrance. My definitive objective is to give you the “jargon of WordPress” so you can keep adapting freely long after this course finishes.

There is no essential information required and you needn’t bother with a current site or web facilitating account. You’ll be arrangement with another free facilitating account so you can start learning WordPress promptly without expecting to submit extra cash for a website space forthright (lamentably understudies in India, Nigeria and Vietnam can’t pursue the free multi month starter facilitating plan).

Here’s an outline of what we cover:

  • Asking and replying “What is WordPress?”
  • Setting up another WordPress site/venture
  • Making pages
  • Making blog entries
  • Tweaking the tones and topic of your site
  • Installing YouTube recordings into your site
  • Setting up custom route menus
  • Making photograph exhibitions
  • Welcoming companions/family/colleagues into your WordPress (numerous creators)
  • Asking and replying “What is a module?” and “What is a gadget?”
  • Letting guests of your blog entries remark through their Facebook/Twitter accounts
  • Designing an intuitive “Reach Us” page
  • Guarding ourselves from remark and contact-structure SPAM
  • Utilizing a custom landing page rather than a nonexclusive “blog posting”
  • Moving our site (trading and bringing in) from one area (space or host) to another

This course might be spic and span, however this isn’t my first time instructing. I’ve driven instructional courses for Fortune 500 organizations and I’ve just aided more than 17,000 individuals on Udemy and got the accompanying input:

“Brad unquestionably has the absolute best strategies to insert the exercise into your brain… hands down these are the best instructional exercises I have had the occasion to see.”

“Introduction is succinct without being repetitive… you sincerely feel that you have an exhaustive comprehension of the subject.”

“… [Brad] clarified the cycle. Not retain either, he clarified the cycle. In case you’re hoping to take a course to comprehend the establishments of making sites, look no further.”

Become exceptionally significant and applicable to the organizations that are employing WordPress makers; in one advantageous spot close by one teacher. In case you’re prepared to start making and refreshing sites – I’ll see you within!

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for anyone who wants to get started creating websites and/or blogs.
  • No coding required.
  • No prior experience required.

Course content of WordPress For Beginners:

Introduction of WordPress For Beginners:

  • How to Get Your Own WordPress Website
  • If You’re Not Able To Create a Free Hosting Account

Let’s Build!:

  • Let’s Begin Building Our Website!
  • Pages & Navigation Menus
  • Themes Introduction
  • Quick Note: Classic Editor vs Default Editor

About Page:

  • Creating (and Formatting) Content in WordPress
  • Subpages & Dropdown Menus

Photo Gallery Page:

  • Let’s Create a Photo Gallery Page
  • Plugins Introduction

Blog Posts:

  • Blog Posts & Categories
  • Custom Homepage (Instead of Blog Listing)
  • Blog Post Thumbnails and “Read More” Excerpt Links


  • Comments Introduction
  • Preventing SPAM Comments
  • Let Visitors Comment with FaceBook & Twitter Accounts

Miscellaneous Customizations:

  • Widgets Introduction

Contact Page:

  • Let’s Create a Contact Page
  • Saving Form Entries To The Database & Blocking SPAM

Users & Settings:

  • User Accounts
  • Settings (Permalinks & Pagination)

Next Steps:

  • Move Entire WordPress Site (Export / Import)
  • Next Steps (Looking Forward
  • Bonus Lecture

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